Updates on two stores this weekend at City Stars

Dahlia Ferrer, Thursday 20 Oct 2011

Marks & Spencers and United Colors of Benetton both have news to tout at City Stars this weekend

Dandy Mall in 6of October beat City Stars to the launch of Marks & Spencer in Egypt last year, but now the more accessible mall of the two has a store of its own on the first floor of phase II.

Marks & Spencer is a popular price-for-value store in England, whose pricing is made possible by bulk buys. They have more variety of merchandise and is a cut above H&M.

British Ambassador HE James Watt and host of Marks & Spencer and Al Futtaim Group (who own the rights to the brand in the Middle East) managers inaugurated the store at approximately 10:00am with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Another change in City Stars is the change of branding of a favourite Italian brand, United Colors of Benetton. Their green logo and the striking contrasting ethnicities of their models lost traction a few years back to more homogenous and exclusionary branding, like Abercrombie and Fitch, and never seemed to regain.

Under a new, cheaper look, the new brand name Ice seems to be an appeal to younger generation, however, their clothes under the new brand still makes it clear that they cater to the stylish instead of the faddish.

They’ve taken a bit more advantage of their space, and currently their second floor is a bargain-house. So, there’s a couple of things to check out at City Stars.

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