Cairo Book Fair: Tales and experiences of Egyptians in the Republic of China

Nada Mahgoub, Thursday 8 Feb 2018

Egyptians sharing their experience with China and its culture, at the Cairo International Book Fair (Photo: courtesy of Maram Khallaf)

China Today newspaper launched a new campaign titled The Chinese Experience at the Cairo International Book Fair, a booth which displays Egyptian citizens' accounts of their past experiences in China

The campaign's goal is to strengthen the intercultural bond between the two peoples by documenting daily personal and cultural tales.

A number of book fair visitors have partaken, recounting experiences that were business-related, touristic or even personal, and speaking about their future ambitions 

Commonly expressed opinions included admiration for the Chinese people's seriousness and hard work, appreciation of Chinese cuisine, and awe at the country's natural scenery.

Some expressed surprise by how patient the Chinese people are, and others were astounded at the organized nature of Chinese streets.

Some visitors commented on less positive impressions, including "Chinese bargaining habits" and a perceived lack of sense of humor, in comparison with Egyptians.

Despite these comments, all participants emphaszed their great appreciation for Chinese culture and history.

In the past few years, China has been strengthening its economic, political and cultural relationships in Africa and the Middle East.

China has also launched a training programme targeting 15,000 African specialists, increased the value of educational scholarships for African students and encouraged the spread of Chinese language in hopes of strengthening ties.

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