The New Korean ambassador opens the final round of Korean Fans Got Talent

Nada Mahgoub, Thursday 1 Mar 2018

Egyptian teens played the Korean beats and danced to them

A performance on drums
A performance on drums (Photo: Nada Mahgoub)

On Tuesday 27 February, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Egypt Yoon Yeocheol attended his first public cultural event.

Yeocheol opened the Korean Fans Got Talent (KFGT) competition with few Arabic words then expressed his happiness and excitement for being the new South Korean ambassador to Egypt; he also stated that he dedicated his time prior flying to Egypt to study the Egyptian history and culture which he admires.

Yeocheol expressed his great enthusiasm towards having a great fan-base of the Korean culture especially KPOP in Egypt despite the geographical barrier infusing the Egyptian- Korean intercultural relationship to be stronger and diverse.

The Egyptian media consultant at the Korean Culture Centre Ahmed Abdel-Fattah told Ahram Online that the third edition of the KFGT has witnessed great success with 12 competitors including four participating teams who were keen on showing their talents projecting their passion towards Korean culture.

The participations varied between dancing, singing and the very impressive participation of the Ain Shams University Drums band that wore traditional outfits and played different types of percussion instruments.

The jury of the competition included Ambassador Yoon Yeocheol, newly named Director of the Korean Cultural Centre Yang Sang Keun, together with Dean of the Academy of Arts Ahlam Younis.

The three top winners were granted shields of recognition by Yeocheol who promised to follow this competition with many events to come.

Jury members at the competition
Jury members at the competition (Photo: Nada Mahgoub)

A group photo of  Korea Fans Got Talent participants
A group photo of Korea Fans Got Talent participants (Photo: Nada Mahgoub)


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