Euro-Arab artists group launches year-long programme to foster inter-cultural exchange

Reham El-Adawi, Wednesday 15 Aug 2018

Shereen Badr
Artist Shereen Badr, the curator of Euro-Arab Artoday

Euro-Arab Artoday organisation launched on Sunday its first year-long integrated artistic venture, the Euro-Arab Artoday Art Forum 2018-2019  in Rome.

The forum aims to facilitate the direct interaction between Arab and European artists under the umbrella of the Arab-European Relations Society.

Shereen Badr, the curator of the first phase of the project and also a visual artist herself, said: "Euro-Arab Artoday's project is an artistic-cultural project comprised of two major phases; the first phase is to establish a year-long cultural symposium that includes a number of workshops, masterclasses and gatherings among artists from different European and Arab countries, to conclude with an inclusive general exhibition by the end of the year,” according to a press release.

Artists from different countries, generations, and with different levels and areas of expertise are encouraged to participate to allow the exchange of experiences and the development of cultural dialogue.

"The second phase will focus on launching an online platform to provide a communication space for artists to promote artistic relations, to showcase their artwork and to introduce their creations and allow public access with no hindrances," Badr added.

The symposium is supervised by artist Nasser El-Gilany.

Workshops and masterclasses started this week, featuring, among others, artists Abdel-Aziz Almohaimeed and Ahmed Almalki from Saudi Arabia, Andrea Barazzutti and Anita Monoscalco from Italy, Merima Fetahovic from Serbia, Ahmed Barakat and Ashraf Zaki from Egypt, and Nagi Al-Hal from Kuwait.

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