Business View recognises Lamia Kamel as Businesswoman of 2020

Ahram Online , Tuesday 1 Dec 2020

The interview with Business View highlighted Kamel's work in the field of public relations as well as in media and political campaigns

Lamia Kamel
Lamia Kamel

Lamia Kamel, founder of Narrative Summit and CEO of CC Plus for Public Relations and Media Consulting, has been interviewed by Business View magazine for its latest issue about her career, which earned her the title of Businesswoman of the Year 2020 in conjunction with the launch of Narrative Summit season 4.

The interview highlighted Kamel's work in the field of public relations as well as in media and political campaigns, starting from her education and upbringing, which introduced her to the most important foundations and ethics of media work.

Kamel's interest in reading was also particularly important to her, as it helped her polish her skills as an excellent leader in public relations. 

“You cannot assume that you have reached your potential and become comfortable where you are. Always be a humble learner. The humbler you are the more courage you have to undertake new ventures and learn as you go along,” Kamel asserted in the interview.

Kamel also touched on her experience as a successful woman in the Arab world, explaining that, for women entrepreneurs, matters are not always that simple.

"We live in a traditional society that places huge social burdens on women, especially in the case of a working mother," she said, explaining that therefore the key to success is achieving a balance between work and personal life.

In the interview, she said that one of the goals she is working on is to establish the true concept of public relations and its role in presenting the positive image of Egypt and building the Egyptian national identity. It was from these beliefs that she launched the Narrative Summit in 2016, which was the first of its kind in the country. The summit aims at promoting the national identity and exporting a positive image of the Egyptian state locally and internationally.

Organising Narrative Summit in 2016 was one of the most important defining steps in Kamel's career, through which she was able to actively participate in work that serves the Egyptian state.

Narrative Summit had recently announced the launch of season 4 of its flagship series Narrative Summit - Reshaping Norms, which builds on the success of the previous three seasons that scored nearly 3 million views on social networking sites.

The new form of the summit started as an adaptation to the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, during which it hosts officials, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to talk about how they see the post-COVID-19 world.

Narrative Summit's latest season will kick off with the beginning of 2021 in a new, more attractive form to discuss various topics of particular interest to the youth.

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