Planning and emigration ministers open 'Towa, Land of Light' exhibition

Reham El-Adawi , Monday 15 Mar 2021

The exhibition will continue until 20 March at the Cairo Opera House’s Salah Taher Hall

(L-R) Hani Seif Al-Nasr, Gehad Badrawi, minister Hala El-Saeed, Randa Fouad, minister Nabila Makram, Soheir Gouda and Iman Bibars.

Minister of Planning and Economic Development Hala El-Said and Minister of Emigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs Nabila Makram inaugurated Randa Fouad’s exhibition ‘Towa, Land of Light’ at the Cairo Opera House on 13 March.

Within the framework of the country’s general approach towards nurturing Egyptian culture, contributing to sustainable development, and promoting domestic tourism, Fouad presented her second solo exhibition of paintings, Towa, Land of Light, on Sinai. Sinai is famous for its picturesque nature, rich civilisation, and diversity of religions.

Part of the art show’s revenues will be donated to the Bahia Foundation for Breast Cancer Treatment.

Artist Randa Fouad with politician Amr Moussa

Also in attendance were ambassadors; public figures; visual artists; and TV media personalities, including veteran politician and former foreign minister Amr Moussa, TV anchors Hala Sarhan, Soheir Gouda, actress Elham Shaheen, together with the Chairperson of the Arab Investment Bank Hani Seif El-Nasr, fashion designer Gehad Badrawi, and Iman Bibars, the regional director for Ashoka Arab World.

Artist Randa Fouad with actress Elham Shahine

Both ministers toured the exhibition and expressed their admiration for the paintings through which Fouad was able to highlight different visions of Sinai with the goal of linking imagination to reality.

El-Said agreed that such exceptional works of art contribute to bringing the glamour and greatness of Egypt’s history and scenic places to the entire world.

Makram said “art of all kinds is the easiest way that can reflect a great civilisation like ours, and through which we can express our culture and identity that every Egyptian is proud of, as well as its vital role in supporting tourism.”

Despite the pandemic that ground the entire world to a halt since last year, Fouad persisted in her mission to support Egyptian society through her contemporary art.

Instead, this motivated her to use her talent to serve the community. Together, with her partner, fashion designer Gehad Badrawi, they founded the “R&G” brand, designing artistic masks and shields for the public. The products also provided job opportunities for locals who were affected by the pandemic.

As part of her belief in the importance of social responsibility and the importance of employing art as a partner in the development of society, Fouad has stated that a portion of the exhibition proceeds will be donated to the Bahia Foundation for Breast Cancer Treatment, in line with March being considered worldwide as “Women’s Month”.

The art pieces on display are inspired by the artist’s latest visit to the Holy Valley of Towa and Sinai the ‘land of Fayrouz’, that is known for its rich civilisation and diversity of religions.

They show different scenes and visions of beautiful Sinai with a visualisation that connects fantasy with reality, reflecting the abstract vision of Sinai as an explosion of colours.

“My visit to Sinai was beyond inspiring, I didn’t expect to see all these charming colours and deep-rooted civilisation. I wanted to express that beauty through my art to encourage people to visit Sinai and encourage domestic tourism,” Fouad commented.

The exhibition will continue until 20 March at the Cairo Opera House’s Salah Taher Hall.

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