English Section of Faculty of Mass Communication holds its annual festival to judge graduation projects

Nader Habib , Wednesday 23 Jun 2021

The graduation projects tackled various ideas, topics, and issues that expressed young people’s thoughts and their vision for the future

Anubis project
Anubis project's teamwork

The English Section at Cairo University's Faculty of Mass Communication held on 20 and 21 June the annual festival for judging and presenting graduation projects for the 2020/2021 academic year under the auspices of Howaida Mustafa, the dean of the faculty; and Shaima Zulfikar, the head of the English section at the faculty. 

This year’s graduation projects tackled various ideas, topics, and issues that expressed young people’s thoughts and their vision for the future. Public relations and advertising projects were reviewed on Sunday (20 June), while radio and video projects were presented on Monday (21 June).

The projects were evaluated by a jury that comprised a group of professors and experts in media, public relations, and advertising, including professors Tarek Abu El-Saoud, Fatima Mustafa, Nadia El-Nashar, Mohamed Fouad, and directors Lamia Gouda, Lamia Samir, Naglaa Abdel-Qader, Hany Samir, and public relations and marketing experts Tarek Abdel-Mohsen and Ihab Rizk.

“Can Anyone Hear Anything” project's crew

The Radio and Television Department participated with four documentaries and three radio mini-series. The first documentary film, ‘Ghorbet-19’ — which was made under the supervision of professors Lamia Samir and Nada Ehab — documents the journey of migrants and refugees amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The second documentary was ‘Mobius Loop’ — which was made under the direction of professors Lamia Samir and Sherry Essam — which focuses on the environmental, social, and economic impacts of recycling. Both ‘Ghorbet-19’ and ‘Mobius Loop’ received the award for best script, treatment, and editing.

Ashraf El Ganob project team

The third documentary ‘Mesh Mickey’ (‘Not Mickey’) received the award for best idea and sound effects. Made under the supervision of Naglaa Abdel-Qader and Amira Ahmed, the documentary tackles animation production and development in Egypt and how Egyptians were the pioneers of the industry in the Middle East and Africa.

Discover Men-nefer project's team

The fourth documentary was titled ‘Ashraf El-Ganob’, which sheds light on the most common norms of ‘El-Ababda’ and received the award for best photography and direction; it was made under the supervision of professors Naglaa Abdel-Qader and Reham Salah.

The documentary sheds light on ‘El-Ababda’ tribe. El-Ababda is the new common name for ‘Abadla’ that was originally named after their grandfather Sahabi Abdullah Al-Zubayr bin Al-Awwam, a cousin and companion of the Islamic prophet Mohamad.

As for the radio projects, there was one titled ‘Anubis’, which attempted to search for the truth about the curse of the pharaohs, such as the warning texts on the entry of tombs, and the significance of drawing certain animals such as snakes, ticks, or cats. Moreover, the project endeavors to find scientific and logical explanations for the deaths of archaeologists and accidents of guards, such as what happened in a historical place in the southern city of Aswan.

Isiwan project's crew

‘Kornkoch’ is another project that tackles cabin fever (or syndrome), which is not a medically defined condition but a ‘folk syndrome’ that occurs to isolated adults or children, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which led many to stay at home from fear of infection.

‘Can Anyone Hear Anything?!’ was a project that talks about the definition, symptoms, and treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). 

OCD is a type of anxiety-related mental disorder characterised by abnormal thoughts and obsessive illogical fear that leads to the repetition of some compulsive behaviors, which hinders daily life. The project focuses on the psychological and social effects of the OCD disease from the perspective of persons affected by the disease. 

As for the marketing projects, they included projects that propagate social marketing campaigns that promote the importance of digital literacy in general, advertising literacy, and content creation in particular. One of these projects is ‘Digitale’, which won the award for the best social engagement. It is a marketing campaign supervised by Maha Bahnasy, Sarah Imam, and Nada Hammouda.

‘Mama 140’ is a social initiative under the supervision of Assistant Lecturer Sarah Imam and Teaching Assistant Nada Hammouda, which aims to raise awareness about motherhood and childhood issues for Egyptian mothers during pregnancy and after giving birth.

The initiative was sponsored by the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood and included celebrities such as actors Yousra El-Lozy, Bayoumi Fouad, and Heba Magdy. ‘Mama 140’ won the award for best logo and slogan. 

Meanwhile, ‘Discover Meen Nefer’ (‘Discover Who’s Nefer’) was a graduation project for 18 students which received the award for best marketing research. It was made under the supervision of Lecturer Iman Taher, Assistant Professor Sarah Khater, and Teaching Assistant Alia El-Shabassy.

It was kind of a campaign to promote tourism for El-Badrashin by focusing on its archaeology, rural lifestyle, and small family-owned handicraft businesses. The campaign team gained the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the support of the Giza governorate, where Deputy Governor of Giza Hend Abd El-Haleem went on a tour of El-Badrashein with the team in order to check on and offer support to various small businesses in the area. 

The winning project for the best TV ad award was ‘Isiwan’, a graduation project for 15 students that was made under the supervision of Lecturer Hayat Badr, Assistant Lecturer Sarah Khater, and Teaching Assistant Asmaa Abdel-Raouf.

The project is a destination marketing campaign to promote tourism in Siwa Oasis and propose ideas for the development of roads leading to Siwa. The campaign team also received support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports along with the Siwa City Council.

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