Franciscaines Sisters School’s graduates launch new association for development

Nader Habib , Saturday 13 Nov 2021

The graduates of the Franciscaines Sisters School (FSS) have launched the “Tiba Association for Community Development” ­with the aim of promoting the quality of the Egyptian citizens’ life and to improve their living - in a celebration held, couple of days ago.

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The initiative came within Egypt’s plan 2030, as well as a manifestation of the United Nations’ goals for sustainable development.

In attendance of Egypt’s Minister of Social Solidarity Nevine El-Qabbaj, the graduates chose to hold the ceremony in the school premises in Qasr El-Nil, Cairo, where they were educated and graduated.

The ceremony began with reciting Egypt’s national anthem, followed by an opening speech by Soeur Bassma Farah, the head of Franciscaines Sisters School in Cairo. Then the guests watched a documentary screened on the history of the school as it is marking this year its 127th anniversary.

The idea of ​​establishing an association for the graduates of the FSS was a dream that the graduates had for several years until the school administration adopted the idea, and a team of graduates was formed to work on registering and announcing the association. Its first board of directors was formed under the presidency of Nevine Othman.

The association’s president, Othman, welcomed the guests and reviewed Tiba’s vision and mission, stating briefly about its upcoming projects.

The ceremony also featured the participation of a number of public figures, pioneers of the civil society in Egypt, and others.

Attending the event were Vatican Ambassador to Egypt S.Ecc. Nicolas Théverin; Catholic Latin Rite Bishop Mons. Claudio Lurati; Soeur Clara Caramagnio, regional head of the Franciscaines Sisters; Soeur Nadia Farah, head of Franciscaines Sisters School in Alexandria; Franciscaines Father Boutros Danial, head of the Catholic Centre for Cinema; Egyptian actress Laila Elwi; Egyptian writer Samah Abou-Bakr Ezzat and S.Ecc. Krikor Coussa of the Armenian Catholic Church.

In conclusion, minister El-Qabbaj delivered a speech pointing out that building the human personality is an integral part of education. The minister also praised the educational and moral role played by the Franciscan Sisters School that has contributed to graduating generations.

“Such schools do not discriminate between Muslims and Christians, given that the number of Muslims is much more than the number of Christians,” El-Qabbaj added. She believes that sisters' schools respect all religions, unifying the goal around community service and building the nation.


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