Slovenia celebrates 30 years of diplomatic relations with Egypt

Reham El-Adawi , Wednesday 18 May 2022

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Slovenia and Egypt, Slovenia’s Ambassador in Egypt Mateja Prevolsek held a reception party at the Seasons Country Club located on the Alexandria Desert Road on 12 May.

Slovenia ambassador
Slovenia ambassador to Egypt Mateja Prevolsek with ambassador Yasser Hashem, Deputy Assistant Foreign Minister for North and Central Europe


During the event, the ambassador expressed his country’s appreciation for Egypt’s role as an important strategic partner, an active mediator in mitigating tensions in the region, and its entry-point to the markets in the region.

On 30 April, Slovenia and Egypt celebrated the 30th anniversary of Egypt’s recognition of Slovenia and the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Slovenia and Egypt have always had strong and friendly ties that have lasted longer than those 30 years, with regular political dialogue and contacts between different governmental institutions at all levels on topics of common interest.

Furthermore, Egypt continues to be Slovenia’s most important trading partner in Africa as well as its entry-point to the markets in the region. Additionally, both countries are connected by their mutual commitment to multilateralism.

“Establishing diplomatic relations with Egypt at an early stage was a precursor to the historic relations that we have managed to develop between our two countries that may be quite at first glance but actually agree very much on just about everything in international relations,” said Prevolsek in her inaugural speech.

Also in attendance were Yasser Hashem, Deputy Assistant Foreign Minister for North and Central Europe; Ahmed Al-Kordi, Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for International Relations; Ahmed Youssef, Permanent Representative of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities; Mohamed Abdel Aty, Assistant Minister of Communications and Information Technology; together with Emad Hanna, Deputy Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Minister’s Office Affairs; Omar Aboueich, Chairperson of the National Bureau of the Implementation of the EU-Egypt Association Agreement at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; in addition to Ashraf Ibrahim, the General Coordinator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the 27th Conference of Parties on Climate Change (COP 27).

“Last year Slovenia celebrated its 30th birthday as a free nation, equal to all the rest around the globe. This year brought us other important anniversaries that represent the building of the country’s solid foundations for the next decades and centuries. While recognitions of statehood were only trickling in 1991, January 1992 brought a flood of recognitions from countries around the world, not just our European neighbours and future transatlantic partners and allies,” the ambassador added.

“On 22 May 1992, the Slovenian flag was raised at the UN in New York. The paths towards democracy, freedom, and prosperity were outlined, and today, we are a proud member of the EU and NATO, as well as a sovereign country that contributes its share to world peace, security, and prosperity.”

“As people are in their best years once they reach 30, I feel the same goes for our countries. I am sure that the next decades will bring further important progress in our mutually beneficial relations and more of joint action how to tackle together the problems that our neighbourhood and the world are facing.”

“Allow me to seize this opportunity to remind us all of the tragic events happening right now not far from Slovenia. At the time when war in Europe already became just a distant memory, a sovereign nation in our close neighbourhood is being denied its freedom to decide on its future in complete disregard to well establish international rules and norms, and to suffer from an unimaginable aggression from the Russian Federation,” she concluded.

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