Russia's history gathers youth from Egypt and 17 other countries

Reham El-Adawi , Wednesday 14 Sep 2022

The Russian Association Pobeda for Voluntary Work, presided over by Daria Matsuk, in cooperation with the Russian House in Cairo, organised on Monday the Dictation of Victory contest on the anniversary of the end of the World War II, with the participation of 100 young men and women from Egypt.



The same celebration was held in 18 countries simultaneously, including Egypt, where 25 questions were directed to the participants about the anniversary of the end of World War II and the victory of the peoples of the Soviet Union, the lessons learned from the war, the importance of peace among peoples and the renunciation of wars.


Marat Gatin, Director of the Russian Cultural Centers in Egypt, stressed his appreciation for Egyptian youth's interest in participating in the Dictation of Victory competition and learning more about the history of this tragedy in which the world lost 50 million people, 27 million of whom were from the peoples of the Soviet Union.

“I was pleased with the attendance of Egyptian youth from the governorates of Cairo, Alexandria, Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh to participate in this celebration, which reflects the youth's awareness of the importance of history and the search for facts,” Gatin said.

Matsuk, president of the Russian Association Pobeda for Voluntary Work, explained that she was thrilled to organise this celebration at the Russian House in Cairo for the fourth year in a row, and thanked the Russian centre’s management for organising and sponsoring the celebration, and thanked the Egyptian youth for their interest in participating.

“It is not necessary to be familiar with the details of history, but the desire of young people to know and participate is the most important thing,” Matsuk.

She also indicated that this celebration took place in 18 countries in addition to Russia, where 17,000 halls were provided to organise the Dictation of Victory celebration through attendance or online participation.

In the end, certificates of recognition of the Dictation of Victory contest were granted to all participants.

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