Egypt is a regional power for stability in Eastern Mediterranean: Ambassador of Spain to Egypt

Amr Yahia , Friday 14 Oct 2022

Alvaro Iranzo, ambassador of Spain to Egypt, stressed in a speech during the celebration of the anniversary of the National Day of the Kingdom of Spain that Egyptian-Spanish relations "are excellent thanks to the joint will of the Egyptian and Spanish governments and peoples."

Alfonso Diaz Torres
Alfonso Diaz Torres, deputy head of the diplomatic mission of Spain in Egypt , delivering the speech on behalf of the Spanish ambassador, Alvaro Iranzo, on Wednesday 12 October, 2022.


Delivering  Ambassador Iranzo's speech in his stead, Alfonso Diaz Torres, deputy head of the diplomatic mission of Spain in Egypt, said that “the two countries also share many values and interests, which have become richer over the years in all fields.”

The celebration, which was held at the Spanish embassy in Cairo, was attended by high-level representatives of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, including Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, the official spokesman for the foreign ministry.

It was also attended by a host of ambassadors and military attaches at various embassies and other members of various diplomatic corps in Cairo.

Iranzo said that Egypt is a major country due to its key role as a regional power of stability in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East."

"It is a political and cultural beacon to the Arab world," he stressed.

“Although I came to Egypt only a few weeks ago, I did not need much time to make sure of the depth of the political, economic and social ties between our two countries, and the close historical, cultural and human rapprochement that binds us as Mediterranean countries,” Ambassador Iranzo said. 

“I am confident that this trend will continue and be reinforced in the future, and there is a firm intention of Spain to be represented at the highest political level at the UN Climate Summit COP27."

"In this context, we congratulate and welcome the launch of the National Dialogue in Egypt, and the reactivation of the presidential pardon committee.”

Spanish-Egyptian economic cooperation

“Egypt is a country working on an ambitious program of economic development. Spain and its companies wish to participate in these efforts more actively in order to contribute to the advancement of economic and social rights for the benefit of the entire population of Egypt," Iranzo affirmed.

"In addition, there is great potential for growth for Spanish companies that are operating in the country in many sectors that are important to Egypt such as transportation, infrastructure, renewable energy, agriculture, and water and health. There is also a potential for growth that is not limited to the economic field since political and diplomatic relations have reached great harmony."

Ambassador Iranzo pointed out that the number of high-level bilateral visits has increased significantly in the past two years, culminating in the fruitful visit of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to Cairo last December, followed by a visit to Spain last April by Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry.

Confidence in success of COP27

Iranzo affirmed his country’s confidence in the Egyptian leadership’s ability to make the international meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh a success and to steer it towards concrete, achievable and verifiable agreements.

These agreements will help confront the inevitable growing challenge of climate change, not only in our own interests but also, most importantly, in the interest of future generations, he added. 

The Spanish ambassador also highlighted the cooperation between Egypt and Spain on global issues such as combating terrorism, fighting organised crime, and stemming irregular migration.

“These challenges must always be met with the utmost respect for political, economic and social human rights, which are part of a comprehensive and global development agenda,” said Iranzo.

Spain: A message of peace and cooperation

“This celebration of Spain's National Day coincides with the historic event in the the arrival of the Spanish mission led by Christopher Columbus to America. From here, we shed light on the unity of the Spanish nation and its message in order to introduce itself abroad under the banner of peace and cooperation,” he added

“For all the representatives of Spain abroad, the National Day is always a special occasion, but this time it acquires more importance because it is the first time that we celebrate this occasion after my arrival in Cairo as a new ambassador, without restrictions related to the Coronavirus."

"On the other hand, the concept of joint responsibilities today is more important than ever as the international community faces an armed aggression against Ukraine in one of the biggest crises in decades. This invasion of a sovereign state is a violation of the most basic values and principles of the Charter of the United Nations,” affirmed Iranzo.

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