Exhibition on Emperor Peter the Great opens at the Russian Cultural Centre

Reham El-Adawi , Thursday 3 Nov 2022

The Russian Cultural Centre in Cairo is organising an exhibition of paintings entitled "Peter the Great" to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian emperor Peter the Great and to depict the beauty of the city of St. Petersburg, which was named after apostle Saint Peter.

Russian Cultural Centre
Consul General in Hurghada Victor Voropaev, Russian Centre director Marat Gatin, artist Heba Saleh open the exhibition


Director of the Russian Cultural Centres in Egypt Marat Gatin inaugurated the exhibition on Sunday.

Attending the opening were the Russian Consul General in Hurghada Victor Voropaev, and a Russian delegation of visual artists, together with Salah El-Meligy, former head of the plastic arts sector, and Sherif Gad, President of the Arab Union of Graduates of Soviet and Russian Universities, and artist Heba Saleh, curator of the exhibition.

Thirty artists from Egypt and Russia who participated in the exhibition presented various artworks in the surrealist and realistic styles, collage, caricature and portrait that depicted Russian Emperor Peter the Great and the city of St. Petersburg.

For his part, Gatin pointed out that Peter the Great revolutionised Russia just as Mohammed Ali did in Egypt.

The reforms he led in Russia led to development in all areas of life, he added.

 Therefore, he holds a special place in the hearts of the Russian people, he stressed.

Gatin praised Egyptian interest in the history of Russian culture and the great Russian emperor.

He also thanked the artist Heba Saleh who organised the exhibition and commissioned the Egyptian artists who contributed.

Consul General Voropaev also pointed out the importance of celebrating the 350th anniversary of the birth of the great emperor of Russia.

Curator of the show Heba Saleh expressed her appreciation for the Egyptian and Russian artists who studied the historical, cultural, artistic and architectural data on both Peter the Great and the city of St. Petersburg city and expressed their vision of both in various artistic styles.

For their parts, the Russian artists expressed their admiration for the Egyptian artists' vision and depiction of the emperor of Russia.

At the end of the event, Gatin and Gad distributed certificates of appreciation to the artists who participated in the exhibition.

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