British Embassy in Cairo celebrates King Charles III’s 75th birthday

Ahram Online , Thursday 22 Jun 2023

The British Embassy in Cairo celebrated King Charles III's 75th birthday at Ambassador Gareth Bayley's residence on Wednesday, marking the first king's birthday celebration in almost 80 years since King George VI.

British Embassy
British Embassy in Cairo celebrates King Charles III s 75th birthday. Photo: British Embassy


The British Embassy's press release on Thursday stated that the celebration, attended by nearly 2,000 invitees, brought together Egyptian officials, ministers, parliamentarians, businesspeople, intellectuals, and celebrities.

“Two years on from his visit to Egypt, today we celebrate His Majesty The King’s 75th birthday, reiterating his dedication to protecting the environment, as well as his deep affection for Egypt,” Bayley said during the celebration.

“Today is not only a celebration of our King but of the special bond between our two countries, whether through our green partnership, our trade and investment ties, as well as our ‘best of British offer’ in terms of education, healthcare, sports and culture,” the ambassador said. 

The reception had an environmental theme, as stated in the release, to reflect Charles's lifelong passion for nature, the UK-Egypt green partnership, and Egypt's COP27 chairmanship.

Bayley indicated that the UK-Egypt green partnership supports Egypt through green investments, including MoUs and framework agreements worth $1.2 billion in green hydrogen and green ammonia.

The embassy partnered with Heliopolis University's Carbon Footprint Centre to offset all emissions and achieve carbon neutrality for the birthday celebration, according to the release.

Egypt- UK relations 


In recent years, the UK and Egypt have enhanced their bilateral cooperation across various sectors, including trade, education, and the environment.

The embassy is supporting Egyptian students' employability through the Career Employability Project, funded with 2 million pounds from the UK. The embassy has also launched the Laha w Maha fund, which will offer up to 2 million pounds in grants over the next two years to promote gender equality, according to the press release.

In March, UK Ambassador to Egypt Gareth Bayley announced that British investments in Egypt had reached $21 billion.

In the same month, the UK Department of Trade and Business disclosed that the total value of goods and services traded between the UK and Egypt in 2022 was 4.5 British billion pounds, representing a 43 percent y-o-y increase or an additional 1.4 billion British pounds.

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