Egyptian embassy in Washington DC celebrates the National Day of Egypt

Sahar Zahran in Washingtom DC , Wednesday 12 Jul 2023

Commemorating Egypt’s National Day, the country’s ambassador in Washington DC Moataz Zahran expressed his hope that deep friendship and cooperation between Egypt and the US will continue in the future.



The celebration, held on 11 July at the Egyptian embassy, marked the 71st anniversary of the 23 July Revolution in 1952, which turned the country from a hereditary monarchy into a republic.

Attending were a number of US members of Congress, diplomats, as well as public and media figures.

In his speech during the ceremony, Zahran praised the strong ties and important partnership between the two countries.

He also expressed his deep appreciation for the support that Egypt has received from the American people and government.

Zahran pointed to the celebration last year of 100 years of diplomatic relations between Egypt and the US, affirming that the period has been marked by joint cooperation throughout.

He expressed his desire to strengthen this partnership and consolidate bilateral relations in the future, with a focus on the economy, culture, and education, as well as political and security aspects.

The ambassador also stressed the importance of continuous communication and understanding between the two countries, and the promotion of cooperation in the areas of peace, security, and sustainable development.

Zahran described Egypt as a role as a source of culture, art, and innovation, saluting the contemporary Egyptian artists who participated in the art exhibition held on the sidelines of the ceremony.

Concluding his speech, the ambassador invited the audience to enjoy the art exhibition, traditional Egyptian music, and food.

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