US embassy in Cairo celebrates Independence Day

Ahmed Kotb , Thursday 20 Jul 2023

The US embassy in Cairo hosted yesterday its annual celebrations of the 4th of July Independence Day at the embassy's premises in Garden City.

Chargé d'affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Ambassador John P. Desrocher giving his speech during the Embassy's celebration of the 4th of July Independence Day. Photo : Ahmed Kotb


The celebration was attended by Mahmoud Kamal Othman, Minister of the Public and business sector; Aly El-Moselhy, Minister of supply; Alaa El-Din Fouad, Minister of Parliamentary affairs; government and diplomatic officials; and members of the media, among other attendees.

Chargé d'affaires of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Ambassador John P. Desrocher, said that the 4th of July celebration day is also a day of reflection, as the U.S. recognizes its ongoing journey as a nation and people.

"We gather not only to celebrate the 4th of July but also to recognize the personal and professional friendships and partnerships we have forged that strengthen the enduring bond between the United States and Egypt," Desrocher added.  

"Our two nations have stood side by side in times of peace and challenge, working hand in hand to promote stability, prosperity, and progress in the Middle East and beyond," he stated.

The American chargé d'affaires noted that the regular exchange of high-level visits between Egypt and the U.S. represents the value both countries place on open communication and collaboration.

Furthermore, Desrocher stressed that these visits embody the close partnership that both countries have and that enhances cooperation in many domains, including economic development, security, and cultural exchange.   

"Since our previous Independence Day celebration, President Biden, Secretary Blinken, Defense Secretary Austin, and First Lady Jill Biden have all made separate visits to Egypt, underscoring this country’s pivotal role in the region," he pointed out.

The American Charge d’affaires noted, however, that the daily effort exerted by the U.S. Mission in Egypt to sustain and improve this relationship often goes unnoticed.  

"From strengthening our military partnership to fostering economic opportunities and cultural exchange programs, as well as safeguarding Egypt's precious cultural heritage, the staff at this Mission tirelessly works to promote the bilateral relationship," Desrocher said.

He further added that both countries also work to strengthen their security, highlighting that the U.S. and Egyptian militaries have conducted over 60 training and other exchange programmes since 2022.


Supporting Education in Egypt

The American chargé d'affaires also stated that the U.S. focuses on promoting and encouraging education in Egypt, noting that the government of the United States makes substantial investments in promoting education within Egypt, including building countless schools and providing teacher training.

He also highlighted that the U.S. has spent, to date, over $1.8 billion on education.  

Desrocher also pointed out that sharing American culture with Egyptian students through education had the same significance for the U.S. as investing in education, citing the embassy’s organization of the first-ever Spelling Bee in Egypt earlier this year.

According to the American chargé d'affaires, the competition saw participation from nearly 1 million students of all age groups from every governorate.

The event made learning English fun for the young participants and provided an opportunity to engage in something quintessentially American right here in Egypt.

Economic ties

Desrocher stressed that the United States has been Egypt’s largest bilateral partner for decades and that both countries continue to build on their economic and business relationship to create opportunities during these tough economic times, especially in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

"We work diligently to strengthen our economic and commercial ties to ensure our mutual prosperity.  We are helped in this work by many hundreds of U.S. companies who – as employers, investors, partners, and customers – bring innovation and solutions to help Egypt seize opportunities and solve challenges," he said.

Preserving Egyptian history

Desrocher lauded the collaboration between Egypt and the U.S. on restoring the Green Sarcophagus to Egypt earlier this year.

"[…] We don’t need to employ Indiana Jones to recover stolen artefacts as proven by the work done by the Homeland Security Investigations office in Cairo and the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, the famous Green Coffin was rightfully returned to Egypt," he said, adding that collaborating with Egypt on returning stolen artefacts is just one example of the U.S.'s commitment to preserving Egypt's history.  

The American chargé d'affaires stated that on her first visit to Egypt, the First Lady learned about the U.S. government’s investment in protecting and preserving the Sphinx from groundwater encroachment. 

 "We and the thousands of Americans who travel to Egypt every year respect this country’s magnificent cultural heritage, and we are proud that our partnership helps protect these wonders while driving the tourism that is so critical to the economy," Desrocher said. 

In conclusion, he hoped that the friendship between Egypt and the U.S. "continues to thrive, inspiring future generations to collaborate and learn from one another."


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