Egypt takes part in Russia's World Youth Festival

Reham El-Adawi , Wednesday 6 Mar 2024

An Egyptian delegation of 126 young leaders is participating in the 20th edition of the World Youth Festival in Sochi, Russia.

Egyptian delegation participate in the 20th World Youth Festival in Russia


The festival, gathering youth from 187 countries, aims to foster responsibility and collaboration in building a brighter and fairer future. 

In a video address, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of the festival in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, southern Russia (1-7 March), with the participation of 20,000 Russian and foreign youth in the fields of business, media, international cooperation, culture, science, education, volunteering and charity, sports, and various areas of public life.

Teenagers aged 14 to 17 from children’s organizations are taking part in the festival and the special programme "Together into the Future.”

Participants in the festival’s regional programme will visit 30 Russian cities from 10 to 17 March.

The opening ceremony included a state-of-the-art show in the presence of a large number of international officials. The show relied on the latest dazzling and creative technology with the participation of a number of Russian artists and specialists.

A large square, the site of the festival, received thousands of visitors. Several buildings surrounding the square each represented one of the Russian Federation’s republics, presenting its culture, traditions, and popular food.

The festival also includes the World Book Forum, where 25,000 books were collected from the participating guests from all countries. Whoever brings a book receives a gift that reflects the rich and variant Russian folk heritage.

Putin stressed that the World Youth Festival in Sochi provides the opportunity for youth to communicate and present themselves as builders of the future and the forces supporting human interaction and development. 

"Right now, representatives of almost 300 ethnic groups are gathered here, on this stage. Here in Russia, we know very well how valuable this diversity is, and what a powerful driver of progress and mutual spiritual enrichment it is. Our multi-ethnic country is made up of hundreds of cultures, languages, traditions; the brotherhood of different peoples has always been its main pillar, advantage, and strength. I am confident that you will get a colossal charge of positive emotion from the festival and return home with love for Russia," added Putin.

According to TASS Russian news agency, the main objective of the festival is to showcase that the world is made up of us and that each takes his or her responsibility for its future. Thus, the World Youth Festival is a venue for forging ties between young people from different countries in order to build a fair future. The festival organizers believe that the world of the future can be built only by a team, each member of which is unique, but together they make a harmonious picture.

Participating in the 20th session of the World Youth Festival in Sochi is a distinguished Egyptian delegation consisting of 126 young men and women, headed by Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports Abdallah El-Batesh and deputy head of the delegation Sherif Gad, president of the Egyptian Association for Graduates of Russian and Soviet Universities and director of the cultural activity at the Russian Cultural Centre.

The Egyptian delegation is proficient in foreign languages, modern technology, and the ability to communicate with the youth of the world. 

El-Batash said the Egyptian delegation is distinguished for its teamwork, discipline, and precision in organizing the programme, by dividing the delegation into different work groups to be present in all the sections of the festival.

Gad said: "There are requests from Russian provinces such as Penza and Volgograd provinces to hold joint meetings with the Egyptian delegation, and we welcomed this, and coordination is underway to organize these events."

He said that Egypt was keen to be present through its participation in a a cultural and artistic programme featuring a group of Egyptian artists under the supervision of composer and singer Mohamed Ezzat.

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