Norway values dialogue with Egypt on regional and global issues: Ambassador on National Day

Ahmed Kotb , Saturday 18 May 2024

The Norwegian embassy in Egypt celebrated the country’s national day – Constitution Day – in Cairo on Tuesday.

Hilde Klemetsdal, Norway s ambassador to Egypt
Hilde Klemetsdal, Norway s ambassador to Egypt


The day marks the signing of Norway’s constitution in 1814, although the country would not gain independence until 1905.

“Over 200 years ago, our constitution laid the foundation for the values that we hold so high, and that we celebrate every year on our national day: our freedom, democracy, peace, and human rights for all,” said Hilde Klemetsdal, Norway’s ambassador to Egypt, in her inaugural speech.

These values cannot be taken for granted amid wars in both Norway’s and Egypt’s neighbourhoods, she added.

“We enjoy a close bilateral relationship with Egypt, and highly value our dialogue on regional and global issues, whether on peace and security, or climate change and the green transition,” said Klemetsdal.

The ambassador pointed to Norwegian companies and green tech solutions that are at the forefront of Egypt’s green transition, in close cooperation with the Egyptian government and partners. 

“We also highly appreciate Egypt’s efforts to end conflicts in the region, contribute with humanitarian aid and receive many people fleeing from war,” she said.

Klemetsdal explained that Norway’s constitution is based on the rule of law, sovereignty, and the individual rights of its citizens.

“This is part of the basis of our international engagement and efforts to promote and support peace in other parts of the world,” she added.

The ambassador also stressed that peace and security depend on an international community that is equipped to resolve global challenges and one that respects international law. “Therefore, we have consistently condemned breaches of international law, whether it is happening in Ukraine or in Gaza’” she stressed.

“I am also very pleased with our strong and growing cooperation in the field of books and literature, and we are proud to have been the guest country at this year’s Cairo International Book Fair,” Klemetsdal said, adding that the world needs literature and art more than ever, in the deeply challenging times we live in.

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