In Photos: US Embassy in Cairo celebrates 248th anniversary of Independence Day

Doaa A.Moneim , Saturday 25 May 2024

The US Embassy in Cairo held a ceremony at the AUC Campus in Down Town on Wednesday to celebrate the 248th anniversary of Independence Day in the presence of a cohort of Egyptian and American top officials, media representatives, business community members, and the US Ambassador to Egypt, Herro Mustafa Garg.



The ceremony was attended by Egyptian Cabinet ministers, including Minister of Civil Aviation Mohamed Abbas Helmy, Minister of Public Sector Mahmoud Esmat, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek  El-Molla, Minister of Health and Population Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Ali Moselhy, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Alaa El-Din Fouad El-Sayed, and Minister of Trade and Industry Ahmed Samir.

In her remarks to the attendees, Garg said that celebrating this moment marks the enduring partnership and friendship between the United States and Egypt.


“This is my first Independence Day celebration as US Ambassador to Egypt. Independence Day holds a special meaning for me and all Americans. It embodies the values our nation represents for those seeking a better life – in the words of our Declaration of Independence, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” said Garg.

Garg’s remarks also touched upon the tensions in several Arab countries.

“While I do not profess to compare my personal experience with Gazans and Sudanese, I understand the grief and fear that come from experiencing war and displacement.  I was three years old when I arrived in the state of North Dakota in the United States with my family as refugees from Kurdistan, Iraq.  Our journey was not easy, and I am thankful to my parents every day for deciding to bring me and my siblings to the United States.  Although I barely spoke English, I understood the meaning of “freedom” and was allowed to have hopes and dreams in the United States,” Garg stated.


She added that the US recognizes that achieving peace in the Middle East is not possible without its regional partnerships.

In this respect, Garg affirmed that this year has again demonstrated how Egypt is an indispensable partner in the US efforts to create a more stable and prosperous region.

“From Gaza to Sudan to Libya, Egypt's contributions to regional security and stability are extraordinary, and we look forward to our continued partnership on these issues,” Garg highlighted.

She also underpinned the deep relations between Egypt and the US, particularly in investing in People.

Americans and Egyptians collaborate daily to foster economic prosperity, enhance education, expand access to healthcare and clean water, preserve cultural heritage, and provide English language training and job skills to thousands of young Egyptians,” Garg explained.

She cited the US engagement in the Egyptian education sector, which remains a cornerstone of the partnership between the two countries.

According to Garg, USAID's $600 million education portfolio constitutes the US's largest global higher education program.


"In the past year alone, we provided scholarships to almost 1,400 talented men and women from underserved communities to study at premier Egyptian universities in fields contributing to sustained economic growth and development.  I have been inspired by meeting students full of dreams, and my team and I are energized to support those aspirations through exchange programs, scholarships, and English language training,” said Garg.  

She also noted that the US Embassy in Cairo creates opportunities for Egyptians and Americans to forge unique cultural links to sustain the partnership between the two countries through the arts, music, and sports. 

“We were so happy to support the American musical group The Beatbox House's visit to Egypt for a series of performances throughout Egypt, including fusion performances with the extraordinary Egyptian bands Wist El Balad and Sharmoofers.  And I’m thrilled to announce that we are organizing a tour to Egypt by the legendary Harlem Globetrotters, who will arrive next week to perform in Cairo on May 31 and Alexandria on 1 June,” Garg declared.

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