Eighth Pink Party in Egypt to celebrate 'Bent Belady'

Ingy Deif , Wednesday 4 May 2016

BCFE organises its annual Pink Party with a dash of folk to celebrate the fight against breast cancer in Egypt

8th Pink Party (BCFE)

For the eighth time, the pink colour is to prevail on the 7 May, as hundreds are expected to take part in Breast Cancer Foundation in Egypt’s (BCFE) 8th Pink Party.

Since 2011, BCFE has been launching an annual and highly anticipated pink party to celebrate the fight against the disease and raise more awareness about early detection.

The ladies-only-event saw the attendance of more than a thousand participants last year, in a party that held the theme of the eighties and nineties.

This year, the theme is celebrating the diversity of folk and dance from all over the governorates of Egypt. A competition will be held for the best folk dance performance, and music of Nubian Rababah & Semsemia will be the main entertainment. 

Many Zumba instructors, including instructors from Ismailia and Alexandria, will fit into the events' theme; #Bent_Belady, and have volunteered to participate in the party for the noble cause.

Participants will take part in a prize draw and were awarded goodies and brochures that highlight the right kind of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle that should be adopted by ladies to reduce the likelihood of breast cancer.

All the proceeds go to breast cancer survivors and the foundation's services.

The event will be at the Marriott Hotel in Zamalek and will start at 10am.

In Egypt, according to latest statistics of the National Cancer Institute, breast cancer accounts for 37.5 percent of all cancer cases.

Since its launch more than a decade ago, The Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt was leading the cause of raising awareness about breast cancer.


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