Forecasts are out for home decor for Spring/Summer 2012

Ahram Online, Thursday 3 Nov 2011

Want to refresh your home a bit? Take some tips from trend forecasters

Design Board, Scarlet Opus
Design Board courtesy of Scarlet Opus

The Scarlet Opus team gave their Spring/Summer 2012 forecast at the Design Index this October in Dubai. Some trends from the previous seasons carry over, while others are completely new.

While calm, cool colours set the dominant tone for most of the schemes - starting with greys and the related icy blues, and ranging to pale beige – there are various trends and a couple of them stand out.



One constant undercurrent that carried over from last season is connection with nature.

Along with the idea of nature, an introduction of web-like designs seeps in.

Nature can be evoked through the use of wood and cottons and linens, or by creating a water world.



The watery, mysterious, underworld theme is new this season. Although turquoises and electric blues have come in and out of popularity as a highlighting colour, the aqua theme morphs different shades of blues, greens and purples together. The cyan family sets the background for this ambiance and are offset by fuchsia, strong coral or fuchsia accessories. Mother of pearl features here and adds a calm, natural touch.


Colour, texture & recycling

A theme that carried over from last season are knits: anything with a strong, natural texture. The knits open the door for colour – and lots of it. This can be easily combined, conceptually, with the innovative and obvious re-use of objects that might have ended up in a landfill. One designer, Scarlet Opus uses as an example, charmingly turned old luggage into an armoire.

Now, although neutrals in the background are still heavily trending, people are a bit tired of such serious austere, clean surroundings.



After a stressful season, people are reaching for something beautiful, from a romantic time period, a bit of lavish emperor-empress is inspired into the interior decor. The silver screen will heighten this as Julia Roberts stars as the wicked queen in Snow White.

And guess who takes on the big role of Cleopatra next year? None other than Angelina Jolie; which makes it sure fire blockbuster. And surprise: whether it be romanticising ancient pharaonic times, or taking a hint from Art Deco - Egypt is in style.


Let it shine

On completely other scale, yet not contradicting with the neutrals always in the background: metallics and/or sheens give some real pop. 



Scarlet Opus are not only a design firm, but they predict upcoming trends and help businesses grow. Their team based out of the UK includes business developers and boast a 20% increase in revenues for their clients.

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