What’s so right about the stars’ gowns at the American Music Awards this weekend

Ahram Online, Monday 21 Nov 2011

The American Music Awards this weekend saw stars like Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez in some of their most elegant gowns... here's a look

Heidi Klum
at the American Music Awards, 2011, AP

This weekend the 2011 American Music Awards brought in the stars to shine in their best. Rather than heckling the stars for fashion faux pas, we can take a look at the best dressed.

Let’s start with Heidi Klum’s cut-away metallic dress. Lately fashionistas have been talking about this ‘cutaway’ look down the runway. Although metallics were out last season, they are back 'in' full-blast, but usually just enough to give a shine to a natural material. Oftentimes they contrast with something natural, such as this cutaway pattern that inherently reminds us of a web. Her A-line is not quite this decade, but that’s probably more a function of the stiff material.

Jennifer Lopez, always eye candy for the camera, dons an extra-long gown. Dresses, gowns, skirts, have taken over fashion for the past years, and any size, except for maybe calf-length. Dramatically long are definitely in style and J-Lo’s dress gives Miss 165cm Shortie a bit of length to her. Also notable is the translucent material, covered with a vine pattern that has been seen occasionally on the runways.

Another star chose long, and so long that she had to have boyfriend, Justin Bieber help her with the train. Selena Gomez's pale satin gown concedes to fashion’s quest for some dazzle after all of the downtroddedness of 2011. This is a style that is seen more and more: satin, chiffon, and even tulle are resurfacing to give a melancholy and romantic feel to this season.

One of the major stars of the year, Taylor Swift, having won awards in two different ceremonies this month, is also in a long, drapey gown. The top layer glitzes and shines while the lower layer is still a pale, pastel peach – a favourite colour this season.

Sarah Hyland’s dress of American Family is completely on the other side - along with a plethora of designers - where short skirt hems scream freedom and fun. Shimmer also features on her dress, as well as a very defined pattern, reminiscent of Gucci’s recent runway show in Milan.

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