A Moment of Zen

AP, Tuesday 28 Dec 2010

Too much hustle and bustle? Donna Karan advises us to reach out and touch someone

Fashion designer Donna Karan (Photo Getty Images)
Fashion designer Donna Karan (Photo Getty Images)

Want a moment of peace and quiet amid all the end-of-year bustle? Take a walk, drink greens and touch someone, according to Donna Karan.

Karan is well-known in the fashion world as the zen master — all yoga, healthy eating, feng shui and cashmere. She tried to put a little of that into each bottle of her fragrance, Pure DKNY.

"Pure DKNY speaks to the core essence of who I am and what I want to touch — the people and children I love, and being at one with nature. It's about those little moments that bring you joy, pure and simple," Karan says in a statement about the fragrance.

Even though she is inspired by the fast-paced lifestyle of New York, Karan says that there needs to be "refuge" from everyday worries, and that a drop of a vanilla-scented perfume might help give that moment of pause.

Here are some of Karan’s ideas for pure living and the simple things in life she enjoys most:


Take a walk in nature. It could be the park, the beach or hiking in the woods. You instantly come in touch with your senses and find the balance within.

Breathe deeply. Especially when you're outside, but also at any time of day. Breathing makes you stop and inhale the moment. It's the most centering thing you can do and doesn't take much time.

Green. Green. Green. Green soup, green vegetables, green juice — I've got a great recipe I swear by. It's got celery, fennel, cucumber and apple, among other natural ingredients.

Take a yoga class. I practice yoga every day. It connects the mind, body and spirit. It's also a great workout.

Touch someone — literally. There is nothing more healing, more loving, more sensual, more grounding than a hug or a caress.


Experiencing the innocence of a child.

Being in the light and really feeling it enter your body.

Luxuriating in a sunrise and/or sunset.

Relaxing at home with your family.

Finding calm in the chaos.

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