Brussels recreates rape victim outfits in exhibition

Reuters , Sunday 21 Jan 2018

Outfits include a pair of pyjamas, a bathing suit, a child’s school uniform and police attire


A new exhibition in Brussels showcases the stories of student rape victims by recreating the outfits they wore during their assault, inspired by a project created by students at the University of Kansas. 

Delphine Goossens, a worker in prevention services in the Belgian capital, took the original testimonies of the Kansas students, translated them into Dutch and French, and gathered pieces of her and her co-workers’ own clothing to represent the outfits described in the exhibition, “What Were You Wearing?”.


Goossens reached out to the original creators for permission to recreate the Kansas exhibition after reading about it last September. She housed the exhibition at the Molenbeek Maritime Community Centre, where she works.

Goossens hopes the exhibition continues to spread around Europe.

“I think a school can make it, or a university,” she said. “It’s easy.” 

Hanging on panels around the room were several outfits, including a pair of pyjamas, a bathing suit, a child’s school uniform and police attire. There was also a wall dedicated to three outfits from the three times one woman was raped. Another displayed a single outfit representing the clothes a woman wore the three times she was assaulted.

Liesbet Verboven, one woman touring the exhibit, said her experience was an emotional one. A friend of hers was assaulted and had a poor experience with the police, who blamed her decisions and location for the incident. 

“It leaves a big impact to see all these clothes, that it can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere,” Verboven said. “I hope it can change the mindset of people that blame the victims of violence and rapes.”

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