French beauty queen Delphine Wespiser participates in a Cairo fashion show

Reham El-Adawi , Friday 27 Apr 2018

The show, by French fashion designer Christophe Guillarmé, took place on 24 April

Miss france
France beauty queen Delphine Wespiser in Cairo (Photos: Ayman Barayez)

A dazzling fashion show by French designer Christophe Guillarmé was held on Tuesday at one of the five-star Cairo hotels overlooking the Nile.

The event was dedicated to charity projects in Egypt, and was held under the supervision of Zeinab Al-Ghazali, Chairperson of the Women’s Committee of the Egyptian-Lebanese Friendship Association.

Nine models from Egypt revealed 31 soiree gowns on the catwalk, and Miss France Delphine Wespiser presented one wedding dress.

The fashion show was presented by tourism expert Onsi Barakat and attended by a bevy of luminaries including, among others, Sheikha Latifa, wife of the Bahraini Ambassador in Egypt; Al-Ahram newspaper writers Sally Wafaai, Mona Ragab and Mervat Osman; in addition to media figures Sanaa Mansour, Soheir Shalaby and  and number of other prominent personalities.

Delphine Wespiser toured the Giza Plateau on Wednesday in spite of the severe rains, visiting King Khufu's pyramid and the Sphinx.

Miss france
Tourist expert Onsi Barakat Miss France Delphine Wespiser and fashion designer Khriistophe Guillararme (Photo: Ayman Barayez)

Miss france
Sally Wafaai Mervat Osman and Zeinab Al-Ghazali (Photo: Ayman Barayez)

Miss france
Miss France Delphine Wespiser excited about her visit to the Giza Pyramids (Photo: Ayman Barayez)

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