Lebanese designer, Elie Saab hits the Paris runways

Ahram Online, Sunday 29 Jan 2012

The Lebanese designer's vision this year as he revealed in the Paris fashion week are dreamy pastels from a garden of Eden where layers of flower-like materials cover up the body

Elie Saab 2012 collection
Paris January 25, 2012 (Reuters Photo: Charles Platiau)

Lebanese fashion designer, Elie Saab, strutted his collection in the Paris Fashion Week the last week of January.

He didn't budge from his usual preference for long, slender lines. Saab adds a bit of excitement to his evening gowns with layers of translucent materials that reveal the shadow of the legs while walking, pale pastel colours, adorned with pieces atop pieces of material that cover the skin, reminiscent of a field of flowers with vines running up the female figure. A simple bow/belt finishes off the look, just to soften up the boyish lines. The trend this year on all the runways is definitely high waists.

Elie's vision includes hair slicked back, sophisticatedly tamed by wrapping the hair around itself in a tube, then letting it escape at the bottom, like in an equine show.

Generally, fashion designers have for decades used transparent or translucent materials to add a bit of "wrrrraawr" to their catwalk.

Lately, however, instead of it being the "spicy" piece of the show it has become more the standard. Several seasons ago, actually, it made it into everyday street fashion when oversized, breathy cotton translucent shirts were laid on top of camisoles and topped with the inevitable belt. But that was just a precursor to what looks like an even more translucent tendency.

Is translucent more acceptable nowadays? Will it hit big this season?

Elie Saab seems to writhe around in ecstasy in it!

At least for his evening collection.

His daytime, ready-to-wear, however has a totally different tune. Thick materials and futuristic lines dominate this vision of the strong, spicy woman for Saab. Last season red was his fascination and this season something closer to tan or camel, with an occasional love affair with rich greys.

As usual, Elie delivers his vision, his obsession for the season: decisive during the day, dreamy and a bit exciting in the evening.


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