Fashion amid corona: How two Greek sisters define the next season in style

Eman Youssef  , Sunday 31 May 2020

Talented Greek fashion designers Maria and Danae Kanellopoulou talk about the latest summer trends and being inspired by the beauty and history of Greece

Fashion creations by Maria &Danae Kanellopoulou

As the world struggles with the uncertainty of Covid-19 and how it has affected all aspects of the economy, life will eventually go on. Among other sectors trying adapt is the fashion industry.

Maria and Danae Kanellopoulou (the KLNs), from Greece, are two fashion luminaries who are adamant that the industry will once again flourish. 

“Even though coronavirus seemed to impact everything for some time, now things are almost normal here in Greece,” said the KNLs, adding that the situation is difficult for businesses operating only in stores, but is better for those who turned to e-commerce and online shopping. 

According to recent statistics, e-commerce has gained a larger portion of the market, but clothes are about how you look and feel, so stores for clothes will always have a higher status.

The two highlighted that fashion trends for summer 2020 include pastels combined with intense colours and bespoke prints that can work with any garment. As for fabrics, you can find silk, cotton, modal, linen and their own blends.

The sisters emphasised that they always include special occasion garments in their designs, and also items that you can wear every day and yet feel special due to diversified designs, in terms of patterns, prints and fabrics, while retaining to minimalistic lines adjustable to many body shapes.   

Referring to some essentials that women should have in their closets, the sisters suggested including a pair of jeans, a cover-up Kaftan, a boyfriend shirt and a dress.  “I cannot live without my mosaic shirt. It is made of silk and I can wear it all year long,” said Maria, describing the most important piece in her closet.

However, “Good advice to women looking to be fashionable is that they do not have to look for it; they have to understand themselves and follow their instinct.

Women can also find influencers that they look up to and get inspired by their styling. We also advise women to look different. All they need is to find their ID in fashion, considering that there are no rules in fashion,” they said. 

Speaking of the fashion field and their success, the sisters underlined: “We love many designers, such as Cecilie Bahnsen and Mara Hoffman. Many celebrities wore our designs, for example the fashion icon Vicky Kagia, and the famous Greek singer Anna Vissi, while internationally, the blogger Chiara Ferragni and influencer Viky Rader.”
Supported by family and friends, the sisters are inspired by the beauty, colours and history of Greece, admiring art in all fields as a source of never-ending inspiration. 
“Concerning the future of fashion design, we hope that ethical and sustainable fashion takes over fast fashion,” said the sisters, adding that new designers need to be committed and patient until their work gains appreciation. They also need to love design as a personal passion.

As for trendy colours for this summer, shades of purple, lime green and characteristic Greek light blue will dominate. 

“The spring/summer 2020 collection is all about Greek history and Cycladic art. We have designed and created Cycladic symbols on our patterns. We love ancient Greek mentality and philosophy,” Maria said. 

Regarding the development of Greek fashion, the sisters noted that in the 1960s many great designers emerged offering custom outfits for women and actors. But the scene changed in the 1980s, with factory production, followed in the 1990s with the Greek market turning to imported fashion. 

But this has changed. For some years now, Greeks are supporting Greek designers, and there is significant demand now for Greek fashion exports.  

“We follow fashion trends and we adjust them to our philosophy and aesthetics,” said Maria and Danae, describing their style. 

“A woman who wears our designs can be described as dynamic, different, unique, elegant and sophisticated. She knows herself and elevates her style. " 

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