Locked up? Tap the magic of paint

Eman Youssef , Sunday 21 Jun 2020

Wall painting ideas inspired by nature can change your mood and renew your home during lockdown

Spanish artist Miquel Barcelo
Spanish artist Miquel Barcelo works on his ceiling painting on the dome of Room XX at the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva (Photo: Reuters)

Colours can play a significant role in changing our mood. Some small changes in your home or office can give you positive energy; for example painting a wall a different colour can make you feel the change you need. Using a natural materials effect in paints is trendy and popular this year, according to Amr Hendy, paint designer and expert.

Hendy explains that painting trends include effects such as stone, concrete, wood, leather, marble, iron, crystal, copper and brick.

“A concrete effect, for example, is a good choice and can be suitable for modern and ultra modern designs. Neutral colours, such as the colour of concrete, give the feeling of nature and warmth," Hendy says.

Wall paint colours should be matched with furniture, curtains, antiques and carpets.

“A wood effect can also be added next to the concrete, along with other details such as stainless steel, glass and mirrors, to add richness and luxury to any room space,” he added.

"Whether outdoors or indoors, you can make use of the positive influence of natural materials, and design paints according to the place. We can also find metal effects in paints among 2020’s trends."

"Wall paint design can include a set of metallic effects such as copper, rust or gold. The main idea is ​​how to be creative and mix effects with other colours and materials.

Choosing paints with natural effects has advantages, such as being easy to be designed and implemented in a very short time. Cheerful colours can create magical surroundings. The stone and brick effect can also be used for both interior and exterior designs; it can be made in a way that you can almost feel the texture, touch and the appearance of raw stone or bricks," he added.

As for choosing materials, Hendy emphasised that you must look for high quality, to withstand the elements, such as sun or storms.

"Marble effect is more suitable for pillars, and living rooms. For example you can paint the wall behind the television with a marble colour effect in order to transform the area into a luxurious vista."

"Grey colour is predominant this year in the design of the walls and pillars, especially dark shades. To create a distinctive corner and renovate your home or office, you can use the effect of different materials in paints inside a wooden frame or panels, and hang it in the wall. Currently, it is considered one of the high-end wall decor ideas. In order to achieve the 3D effect, which still exists this year as a continuing trend, it can be made manually in a professional way to reach a final result with a feeling of depth," Hendy added.

Classic design, he continued, will never be out of fashion. In the world of design, it is acceptable to mix different styles, so you can use silver and gold shades to obtain a classic style and to create a rich scene, while you can also add modern details.

"In general, classic designs and styles always include neutral colours such as beige and grey, but recently classic style has been introduced in a different way globally. You can use bold colours such as blue, burgundy, dark green and brown."

"These colours are not widespread until now in Egypt, as some people are sometimes cautious with new trends. But soon it will be accepted and widely used. A classic style is full of details, and though many of us might not opt for dark colours, it may refresh a home and turn it into a masterpiece,” Hendy concluded. 

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