Eva Moldovanidou: Elevate your style with a trendy pair of sandals

Eman Youssef, Monday 24 Aug 2020

Greek influential sandals designer Eva Moldovanidou highlights latest sandals fashion trends for 2020 and her success story

Eva Moldovanidou

 “Pearls decorated sandals are the must have for this summer”, said Eva Moldovanidou, custom-made sandals designer adding that soft colors such as beige, light gold, white and light brown are dominant this year. “The good thing about an attractive pair of sandals is that you can simply combine it with just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and really look instantly fashionable”. Moldovanidou says.

Eva Moldovanidou affirmed that unfortunately the coronavirus has affected all sectors of economy especially the fashion industry, which might be considered as a secondary need. At this moment everyday people who have been affected economically from the coronavirus pandemic, will first buy food for their family and then buy new shoes. But flat, comfortable and stylish sandals are essential, for example in Greece, most of the islands have cobbled streets so you will need comfortable pair of sandals yet fashionable and trendy.

All over the world, this season will be quite different from what we were used to, but for walking we need more comfortable and practical sandal designs, consequently we have designed more comfortable sandals with an anatomic sole that you can wear all day and night.

The talented Eva moldovanidou described her style as being unique for every woman as they are custom-made, she usually use raw materials and fabrics such as leather while creating the Sundali collection. The styles rang from modern, classic, bohemian and ethnic. The designs can cover every need for every age group and style. “Each sandal I make is better than the previous one”. She added.

Eva recommended that sandals with beige and gold colours and some pearls can be worn from day to night and be always in style.

“Most of my handmade sandal designs are inspired from the ancient Greek culture and many of my ribbons have ancient Greek patterns like the meander symbol but with a modern perspective, which is also one of my best seller.

“Unfortunately the rhythm of our life is very fast and we have a lack of time to actually go for shopping. The future now is for online shopping, which is faster and easier. The disadvantage is that you can not check the quality and the size of the product, hence you have to opt for good designer”. Moldovanidou says.

 According to Moldovanidou, women do not need to follow every fashion trend and they can choose what is suitable for them. Every woman is unique with her own distinctive style; you can not wear something just because it is in fashion and does not suit you. The special thing about my sandals designs is that we create our own unique fashion.

 Speaking about her inspiration, Eva assured that each woman that orders her pair of sandals inspires her, also living in Greece gives her a lot of inspiration; the sea, the sun, the blue sky and the picturesque islands give a boost to her creativity, where she also got the inspiration of her collection name; “Sundali by E.creations”.

“I studied marketing and economics at the university of Patras in the Peloponnese and I am a manager of a hotel in Rethymno in Crete. I always liked crafting things so at one point I had some left over materials from something I was making and an old pair of leather sandals and just decorated it, and then I uploaded it on my Facebook page, and that is how the story begins”. She says.

 “I started making sandals for friends and suddenly I was asked to give an interview on a website and then they called me to speak about my creations on the Greek TV, that is how the journey begun. More and more people found out about my sandals and now I am shipping sandals all over the world”, said Eva Moldovanidou describing her success story.

“Everything is done by me, from the communication with the customers, the designs, the decorations, the photos and the social media”. Moldovanidou emphasized adding that it is a full time occupation. “I have a workshop that you can visit and choose your custom- made unique design, or otherwise we can communicate online and exchange photos of the desired style and decoration matching your new sandal”. She says.

She assured that she like the personal contact and communication she has with every customer looking for special design from her Sundali collection. “I like this magical moment when I make women feel unique”. Moldovanidou said.

 “Every sandal for me is a new challenge as I have to fulfill every woman’s needs and imagination, especially when it comes to brides; I have to make the best sandal that match with their wedding dress on their special day”. Moldovanidou says.

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