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Healthy hair and trendy hairstyles: Follow our expert tips

Ahram Online consults a hair and fashion expert on how to maintain healthy hair and stay in fashion in 2020

Eman Youssef, Wednesday 9 Sep 2020

Many factors can negatively affect hair growth and texture, such as stress, weather and an unhealthy diet. But there are always ways to avoid hair damage during the hot season, while still looking trendy and stylish.

"The first step to maintain healthy hair is to understand the nature of your hair; to recognise whether it is dry or oily or normal, in order to treat the hair in the proper way and use the right products, " Mohamed Osman, a hair care expert and hairstylist, says.

Osman underlines that nutrition reflects on the condition of the hair directly. "Make sure to include in your diet protein-rich foods such as yogurt, eggs, fish, nuts, chicken, and fruits such as guava, berries and oranges, and vegetables such as broccoli and spinach, to stimulate hair growth,” he says, adding that following a balanced diet that contains important vitamins and minerals is a must for healthy hair.

He also highlighted the importance of reducing the use of harmful styling tools such as dryers, and to avoid using hair straightening treatments. “Make sure to trim the ends of the hair every six weeks to get rid of split ends,” he added.

It is necessary to avoid washing the hair daily in order to maintain the natural hair oils. Osman stresses that balance is the key. “To refresh hair, dry shampoo can also be used moderately between washes as a solution for greasy hair."

"If you want to change the hairdo one day after washing it, it is also possible to use only water for washing your hair," he explains.

Osman says that sleeping on a silk pillowcase or covering your hair with a silk bonnet is preferable, to protect the hair and avoid waking up with frizzy hair the next day.

Hair care

"In order to make your hair adapt to the hot season, try to avoid excessive exposure of hair to heat, whether from the high temperatures of hair dryers, or other hairdressing tools. As for protecting your hair from the sun, hair can be covered by using a hat or sun protection serum or conditioner, in order to keep hair hydrated and protected," he adds.

Osman advises to use hair serums and moisturisers at least once a week, as after sun exposure in summer, the result is damaged and worn out hair. Swimming pools can cause damage to the hair, so it is recommended to wear a hair cap while swimming. A special microfibre towel or a cotton T-shirt can be used to dry hair faster and better than a regular towel which may absorb some of the hair moisture, according to Osman. Also among the tips he gives, you should avoid using chemicals on the hair, such as hair dyes, and use wooden hair brushes or combs for smooth hair styling.

"As for coloured hair, it is advised to choose the appropriate shampoo and rinse your hair with rice water after shampooing. Always try to find the time to take care of your hair by following a consistent routine to obtain the best results for hair treatment. If the hair is very dry, we have to use moisturising creams at least twice a week,” he says.

For healthy hair, Osman recommends paying attention to nourishing the hair with natural oils such as jojoba oil, argan oil, sesame oil and aloe vera.

Current trends

Referring to fashion trends in hair styles this season, Osman confirms that short hair is dominant this year. But you can always choose what is suitable for you and resort to haircuts that suit the shape of your face, which can instantly change your mood. Osman emphasised that burgundy, shades of beige, ash brown and brownish-blonde are the main colours trending in 2020.

“The popular trends this year also include using bandanas, scarves, bright hairpins and accessories to add shine and sparkle to your hair in the evenings,” he added.

“The natural look and simplicity also prevails this days, as long as your hair looks fresh and clean, you can style it in any simple way you want. For example, you can braid your hair to create a fun look. Trends from the 70s and 90s have inspired hairstylists this summer, so you can find bangs, curls and waves that add life to your hairstyle," Osman concluded. 

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