Do it like an Italian

Ahram Online, Sunday 1 Apr 2012

Can you imagine walking down the streets of Milan and fitting right in? Ahram Online looks at some of the quintessential Italian fashion standards reflected in what went down the runway for this year

Prada in black
(ANSA Photo)

Milan can give everyone tips on "classic," "chic," "elegant" and "forward," as they set the bar and set the future trends.

With each major city in the world having it's own pulse and own style, Ahram Online points out what went down each major city's runway in time for spring shopping.

Italians have their own signature style, and here are some of the tips from big-league designers: Prada, Gucci, Cavali and more.

Italian designers, although they do not disregard colour, do tend to stick to the elegance and timelessness of black.

This season, however, white is almost just as favoured – highlighted in many designer's runways. So, feel free to fill your armoire with white, in all kinds of textures.

Another trademark of Italian design is the experienced familiarity with feminine curves. You won’t find one piece that you feel was, awkwardly, meant for a man with no curves.

And as in many previous seasons, they also do not shy away from the glamour of shine, whether it’s an embellishment or an entire, golden dress, there’s no reason not to feel comfortable in metallics, their runways seem to emphasise.


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