What do kids want to wear this summer? Take the poll and find out !

Ahram Online, Tuesday 15 May 2012

From the mega stores, luxury brands to local designers, Ahram Online wants to get a sense from kids what they want to wear this summer

What kids want to wear this summer
Check out the photo gallery and then vote

Take a look at the Kid's Fashion 2012 album and compare that to the poll on the Ahram Online Life & Style Facebook page.

You'll find in the album:

  • Chloe's bright and light collection, with even a few one-sies
  • Local designers' pastel solids that make the clothes look as fun as toys themselves
  • Benetton's super classic look, brought down to the teeny weeny sizes
  • Attention to detail from Burberry in their casual, yet never sloppy look
  • Gap's surprising switch to bright, colourful prints, but sticking to their signature basic cuts
  • Zara's airy, enchanting pieces
  • A super classic, navy look in most of Gucci's pieces, touched off with a few very tasteful, fun-loving pieces
  • And the most comfortable in casual by Levi's

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