Gizzelle Uys, South Africa’s winner of Miss Eco international beauty pageant title speaks her mind out

Ghada Abdel-Kader, Sunday 8 Aug 2021

Uys who made history for the African continent after winning the title of Miss Eco International talks to Ahramonline

photo courtesy of Gizzelle Uys

The 24 years-old South African-born beauty queen Gizzelle Mandy Uys becomes the first woman-ever in the African continent to win the title of Miss Eco International for 2020/2021.

“I almost cannot put in words what it means to me. It is an honor and a privilege , but also a responsibility,” Uys tells Ahram Online

photo courtesy of Gizzelle Uys

“It is one of my dreams , I cannot believe that it came true,” she adds.

Uys believes nothing is impossible even if the odds are against you. “I want to show young boys and girls that it is possible to reach the stars and get there if you believe and if you work hard,” she explains.

photo courtesy of Gizzelle Uys

Miss Eco International is an international beauty pageant that promotes and raises awareness about the environment and eco-tourism.

Uys was crowned Miss Eco International 2020/2021 during the beauty pageant final held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt in April 2021.

It was scheduled to be held last March 2020 but due Covid-19 it was cancelled.

Uys and many other stunning beauty queens from 65 countries all over the world face the same difficulties and struggles behind the scene to win the title. All of them are affected by the global covid-19 pandemic.

photo courtesy of Gizzelle Uys

“It is an uncertain and  challenging time. It really puts a lot of strain on me but I am so blessed to have a supportive system that was there for me all the time,” she says.

“All the challenges fade away once the crown is placed on my head. It is a feeling like no other,” she comments.

Uys has completed her bachelor degree in Heritage and Cultural Tourism. She became a registered tour guide after graduation.

 A part-time model, dancer and actress, she also runs her own small business.

Uys has been competing in beauty pageants industry since being a toddler. Although, she took a very long break from the pageant world at age of five, she came back again and had been competing for the last three years.

photo courtesy of Gizzelle Uys

Uys was initially attracted to Miss Eco International title because of what it stands for. It promotes the importance of nature as well as promoting worldwide tourism and the concept of eco-tourism.

“It is exactly what my platform sits out to do; to make a difference in the world,” she explains.

One of the privileges of winning the title is becoming an IIMSAM (Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro-Algae Spirulina Against malnutrition) United Nations ambassador.

“The queen is expected to offer a helping hand wherever she can for the matters of eco-based issues as well as eco-tourism issues,” she says

Uys tries to get involved in as many awareness campaigns, social work and charities as possible.

“There are many areas in the world that we can work with and offer any help they need,” She adds.

The projects that she accomplished so far as Miss Eco International include a donation collection for a children’s home, an educational visit to a school explaining how to repurpose and re-use, a town clean-up and a river clean-up, with many more exciting projects to come.

The concept of real beauty form her point of view comes in many forms .

“It can be a kind heart, generosity that exceeds expectation, or a smile on a difficult day.

“It is the satisfaction in a moment that makes something truly beautiful,” she concludes.



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