Azza Fahmy releases her 'Never Ending dreams' biography in style

Ingy Deif, Monday 11 Oct 2021

It was a serene afternoon as crowds of art aficionados and jewellery enthusiasts gathered at the majestic Royal Carriage Museum in Cairo to witness the intertwining of art and history as acclaimed designer Azza Fahmy launched her highly anticipated biography: ‘Never Ending Dreams’ on 10 October.

Never Ending Dreams
During the panel in which designer Azza Fahmy launched her biography Never Ending Dreams on Sunday 10 October, 2021. Al-Ahram

Celebrities and dignitaries from different nationalities as well as lovers of authentic Egyptian art and history were seated in rows in front of a panel addressing the audience.

The panel included economist and commercial lawyer Ziad Bahaa El-Din, Mohammed Abu El-Ghar, Editor in Chief of Rawy Magazine Yasmine Dorghamy, professor of design at the AUC Bahia Shehab, and Mohammed Rashad — the owner of the Egyptian Lebanese Publishing House.

Flipping through the pages of the book, one can almost hear her voice.

The volume — which required almost thirty drafts — is a joyous, yet sometimes melancholic, journey through the decades, loaded with emotions and history, all in a straightforward and honest tone, which is exactly how the acclaimed jeweller speaks in real life.

More than half a century ago, Cairo-based jeweller Azza Fahmy started as an apprentice in the male-dominated workshops of Khan Al-Khalili, learning all about the centuries-old craft.

She then started her workshop with a handful of people, aiming to tell stories of heritage and culture through her creations, before launching her own line and eventually becoming one of the most famous Egyptian jewelry designers, collaborating with famous names on the catwalk.

Fahmy is now acclaimed worldwide not only for her designs that rely profoundly on research, but also for her manifestation of the Ottoman craftsmen hierarchy, which had been present in Egypt for centuries.

Fahmy previously told Ahram Online in a recent interview that the celebration of the 50th anniversary of her first collection will be marked by the publication of a narrative of her work over the past five decades.

“It is always important to stay rooted to our culture and art while being open to modern techniques and theories of applications; the two go hand in hand. We have a treasure of history right here that we have to utilise,” she said.

“I always felt that I have this immense energy to benefit people. I want my expertise and years of mastering design to be channeled to the coming generations of talented Egyptian youths. It is why we established the design school and then the vocational Training Foundation. I want to focus more on the school and the foundation in the near future, this is how I know I can benefit my country,” she concluded.

The Royal Carriages Museum in Boulaq is one of the earliest of its kind worldwide, both in terms of the authenticity of its building and the originality of its displays.

The building was particularly adapted to preserve the cultural heritage of the royal carriages and all related material dating back to the era of Mohammed Ali’s Dynasty.

As Fahmy stood widely smiling and greeting her guests, the historical place and all the vibes it held seemed the perfect backdrop for her “Never Ending Dreams” to be set free.

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