Temraza's 10 Years of Evolution: Egypt’s first fashion documentary

Ghada Abdel-Kader, Saturday 11 Jun 2022

On Tuesday, Egyptian fashion designer Farida Temraz celebrated the 10th anniversary of her haute couture fashion brand. with the premiere screening of her fashion documentary film titled “10 Years of Evolution” in Sheikh Zayed.

 Farida Temraz
Caption:Egyptian fashion designer Farida Temraz (Photos courtesy from Temraz)


The documentary is the first of its kind in Egypt and the Arab region. It tells the story of the rise of the Egyptian fashion brand Temraza from its early beginnings to international fame in a very short period of time.

“I wanted to show the whole world the huge effort of Temraza team’s diligence, creativity and professionalism. Temraza is backed with a highly qualified team that I am so proud to be part of,” Farida Temraz told Ahram Online, the founder and lead designer of Temraza.

The fashion brand was created in 2012 with the mission of bringing Egypt to the forefront of global fashion.

“Temraza’s style and identity is for all women of different ages and interests. It is not just directed at super megastars and celebrities walking on the red carpets,” she added.

The short 30-minute film was directed and videographed by Mahmoud Hussein with photography by Odelly team. Hussein, who has been working as a film director for seven years, talked to Ahram Online about preparing for the project.

“The film preparation took almost a year to choose the idea, do the structure, and write a good script and do a lot of research. The production and postproduction took around six months,” he said.

The film is narrated by 25 celebrities and prominent public figures including singers, actors, actresses, stylists, photographers, media and TV presenters, professors and prominent public figures in their industries.


“The film is set to be an inspiring story empowering women with glam and confidence. This is the true real success,” Temraz says.

The narrators included diva Samira Said, Lebanese singer Carol Samaha, TV presenters Lamis El-Hadidi, Jasmine Taha Zakiand Sally Shahine.

Contributors also included other prominent names like actor Asser Yassin and his wife, Reham Abdel-Ghafour, Salma Abu Deif, Mona Abdel-Ghani, Hagar Ahmed and Naglaa Badr.

Also editor in chief of Enigma magazine Yasmine Shihata, celebrity stylist Marwa Abdel Samie, media expert and professor of journalism and mass communication at AUC Mervat Abou Oaf, and others took part in paying tribute to the designer in the film.

“I tried to create distinctive and interesting imagery by using optical illusions to create an effect that shows the shots as if they were taken underwater in the deep bottom of the sea,” Hussein added.

After the screening of the film, Temraz released her new collection entitled “Revolution of the I.”

The new collection includes 60 different styles, 16 of which she presented.

Models used the narrow spaces between the rows of chairs as a catwalk runway. At the end of the show, all the models along with Temraz filled the stage as the audience applauded and cheered.

“The new collection features a monogram presenting four pyramids. The three Great Pyramids of Egypt and fourth pyramid of evolution signifying women’s empowerment,” Temraz explained

“I aim to continue my journey and with passion and a sense of empowerment. The previous period of my personal life was very difficult especially after I give birth of my son Adel only four weeks ago. But I am thrilled to continue creating and living the magic again,” she concluded.

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