French Daniel Hechter retail clothing celebrates 50 years: Intro

Ahram Online, Wednesday 28 Nov 2012

Although the Daniel Hechter's French clothing line has been around Egypt for a while, it's not as well known as other stores; here's a brief look at who they are and their most recent collection

Daniel Hechter

What is behind the mysterious Daniel Hechter clothing retail stores we see around Cairo? They recently celebrated their 50th anniversary with big advertising billboards around Cairo, but Egyptians are not familiar with the brand.

Introducing Daniel Hechter; a French man whose family business was a retail pret a porter store. He began designing for shops and eventually began his own company with friend, Armand Ornstein, in 1962. Some call Hechter the father or inventor of pret a porter.  

Both their women's and men's lines do well, with very classic styles highlighted by very trendy details in the clothing. They've also just recently introduced a lingerie line.

“…his idea of making fashion a daily event by creating individually combinable fashion items for women who have their very own personal style,” is how the Hechter website defines their designer. Many also claim that the French sex goddess, Brigitte Bardot, popularised his clothes when she wore one of his outfits in La Parisienne.

Here are a few of the latest “making of” videos of the French retail store’s advertising campaigns

‪Défilé- Fashion show Daniel Hechter 2012 BUENOS AIRES

Daniel Hechter Fashion Show Collection Spring / Summer 2013

Daniel Hechter Show at Bangalore Fashion Week 2012 | FashionTV ASIA



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