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'Islamic' nail polish

A new, permeable line of nail polish may dissipate the worries of some Muslim women that their hands are not clean enough for prayers

Sherry El-Gergawi, Friday 1 Feb 2013
Islamic nail polish
The world's first breathable nail polish, O2M (Photo: courtesy of
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Views: 7748

A Polish cosmetics company, Inglot, released early this week the world's first breathable nail polish to ensure better heath care for nails.

Nails, like any other organ, breathe, so if you constantly wear nail polish you may be depriving your nails of the oxygen they need to maintain a natural colour. The result? Your nails might turn yellow.

This new line of polish, O2M, will solve this problem as it is made from a polymer used in some contact lenses, which allows oxygen and moisture to reach the nail itself to keep it looking healthy and beautiful.

This new line of permeable nail polish claims to meet supposed religious Islamic restrictions. By some accounts Muslim women are required to remove nail polish before prayers in order to properly observe the pre-prayer washing rituals because the (traditional) substance of polish forms an impermeable barrier over the nails, which prevents water from cleaning underneath.

Because O2M allows water vapor to pass through to the nail, it effectively does away with the need to remove the colour before doing the ritual pre-prayer washing.

Recently, a Chinese company tried to solve this problem for Muslim women by producing a nail polish that can be easily peeled off without having to use nail polish removers such as acetone.

This peel off nail polish known in Egypt as "Islamic manicure" was recently in high demand, especially, since it is not expensive at only 7-10LE for 16ml bottle in comparison to the usual 50LE. 


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