Zen Conference is back with a bang, Cairo

ingy deif, Thursday 14 Apr 2011

With yoga, pilates, and other fitness techniques trending in Egypt, the Zen Conference opens for another successful set of classes on 22 April in Haram, Cairo

Zen 2010

Around the world, including in Cairo, the idea that well-being is not only physical fitness but necessarily is paired with mental and emotional balance, i.e. “zen” is increasingly understood and the popularity of the Zen Conference last year in Cairo proves it. A hit last year, the second annual Zen Conference opens 22 April in Cairo.

New contemporary dance, pilates, yoga and other fitness techniques have  been spurred by foreigners and Egyptians alike through professional institutions in Egypt. One of the leading and most well-known institutions is SAFE® Academy, which is the first International Fitness Education Academy launched in the Middle East. Throughout the years, Karim Strougo, founder and managing partner of STEP Center and of SAFE® has certified hundreds of fitness professionals who are now working in various fitness facilities in Egypt, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

At SAFE® the mission is to take fitness education in Egypt and the Middle East to international levels.

Their  is “The Professional Group Fitness Instructor’s ManualTM”. currently the only internationally-recognised fitness certification based in the Middle East. In September 2004, they organised and hosted the first fitness convention in the Middle East’s and Egypt’s history.

This year the much-awaited Zen Conference is back to rival the success they saw in their last year’s conference.

The Mind & Body Conference of the Middle East: 22 - 30 April, 2011
Remaya Square,
Step Center & Safe Academy behind Meridian El Ahram

“When we were organising the 2010 ZEN Conference, we were thinking of it as a small mind-and-body event that could take place in the years between our SAFE Conventions. We never expected ZEN to become such a success" reads the Zen Conference website, quoting Karim Strougo, ZEN Conference president.

"With the help of our sponsors,  wonderful teamwork from the SAFE Academy staff, an amazing web designer and great enthusiasm from everybody, the 2010 ZEN Conference was a huge success, and this year, ZEN is much bigger with the cooperation of this year's sponsors, some of which are Mobinil,Tunturi®,Power Music®, and others”

Karim Strougo, will be teaching Yoga Therapy, levels 1 & 2 and a Body Release workshop using Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique and Contemporary Dance. Tracy Jennings-Hill of YogaFit is returning to teach levels 1 & 2 and the famous YogaFit Kids workshop. Jonathan Urla, who will bring his Yogilates® teacher, will teach Training Part I: Integrative Pilates Mat Intensive and two specialty workshops.

Those eager to know more can visit http://www.zenconference.net

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