The Zen Conference proves holistic fitness is on the rise in Egypt

Ingy Deif, Monday 9 May 2011

The 2nd Zen conference in Egypt sees increasing attention to soul-enriching, healthy lifestyle and fitness techniques, leaving international instructors impressed


The success of the nine-day international Zen Conference at SAFE® Academy in Egypt reveals that Egyptians are increasingly aware of the importance of enriching the soul, as well as the body, through various fitness techniques.

In fact, the main guest international lecturers left with an outstanding impression of the Egyptian participants.

“I was very pleasantly surprised by the knowledge of the attendees with regards to anatomy and physiology of the body, and with their understanding of English. This makes teaching so much easier for me. The results of the written exam showed the highest average scores for this course ever!” says Jonathan Urla, MFA, LWMC, CPT, leader and innovator in the world of fitness and dance for over 20 years and who taught Yogilates® at the conference. He emphasises that this was his first time in Egypt and that he was honoured to have been selected to present at the ZEN Conference, adding that he is looking forward to returning for the next SAFE® Fitness conference in the fall.

As for Tracy Jennings-Hill from YogaFit® who came back after last year's conference to teach levels one, two and the famous YogaFit Kids ®workshop expressed how much she loved every moment of her time in Egypt, but more importantly, that she enjoyed being in the presence of such warm, energetic and knowledgeable people. The conference definitely made an impression in her life.

“My Egyptian experience has been absolutely wonderful because of the open hearts and minds of each attendee, which has allowed me to be able to fully express and exhibit what YogaFit® is truly about,” says Tracy of her experience this year.

Karim Strougo ZEN Conference president, founder and president of the SAFE ® Academy,  renowned fitness instructor and therapist assures that the large number of attendees in his body release and yoga therapy workshops indicate a definite rise in the number of fitness professionals interested in the medical and therapeutic side of fitness. He stresses that the more knowledgeable the trainers become the safer their clients will be.

“I am very happy to see how many fitness professionals are starting to turn to more holistic approaches to fitness. As ancient as yoga is, I believe it is the future!” says Strougo.

“We already started working on the SAFE Convention 2011, which will take place in the fall. With the help of our sponsors, we are hoping to sponsor 10 fresh graduates from the faculty of physical education and help them become internationally certified. This would be our way of putting something good back into the universe.”

Not only do these techniques make people look better and become healthier, but also they make them work, function, and feel better in a world of exceeding pressure and fatigue.

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