Got a bike? Join the crowds as streets turn orange next Friday!

Ingy Deif, Wednesday 18 Nov 2015

The Embassy of the Netherlands launches the fourth Orange Bike Day in Cairo, to promote the idea of biking as a healthier transportation alternative

Orange Bike Day 2014, courtesy of embassy of Netherlands in Cairo
Orange Bike Day 2014, courtesy of embassy of Netherlands in Cairo

In recent years the initiatives that aim to raise awareness of maintaining a healthy eco friendly lifestyle have been on the rise, gaining momentum by the enthusiasm displayed by the participants and the increase in the number of those willing to take part in the events.

The next upcoming and highly anticipated event is being launched and organised by the Dutch Embassy in Egypt.

The event comes as a fourth sequel to similar successful initiatives launched by the embassy around the same time in previous years. For the preparation of the event this year, as well as in previous years, the Embassy is collaborating with Global Biking Initiative of Egypt, which is the leading bike riding community in the country.

Orange Bike Day has been organised annually by the Dutch embassy since 2012, when around 400 participated. The participants increased in number each year, until last year when more than 3000 took part in the ride, painting the streets a beautiful scene in orange with their attire.

Orange Bike Day 2014, courtesy of embassy of Netherlands in Cairo
Orange Bike Day 2014, courtesy of embassy of Netherlands in Cairo

Unlike previous years, this year the embassy is organising two consecutive events. On Thursday, 19 November, a seminar at Cairo University will be held where experiences and insights will be exchanged among experts of transportation from both Egypt and the Netherlands. Also on display will be youth initiatives for promoting bicycle riding in urban Egypt.

Friday 20 November will witness a cycling tour, aiming to promote and draw attention to the aspect of leading a healthier life style in our high-paced life, and to shed light on the use of bikes as a cheaper and pollution-free transportation alternative.

Netherland's Ambassador to Egypt Mr. Gerard Steeghs said in a press statement that this upcoming event comes as fulfillment of the embassy's promise to organise another cycling event after the huge success last year, with more than 3000 participating enthusiastically, stressing that that he is looking forward to another great Orange Bike Day this year.

For the event on Friday, the embassy encourages attendees to register online, whether they will come along with their own bike or need to hire one on site.

The participants are to gather at 7:30am on Friday in front of the embassy in Zamalek. Tea and coffee will be served and special designated t-shirts will be distributed before the ride starts promptly at 8:30.

It is known that Netherlands has long since implemented regulations that promote the use of bicycles as a means of urban transportation and facilitate the necessary infrastructure for that- an idea that the Embassy here in Egypt hopes to promote.


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