Cairenes kick off September with Globathon for women cancer prevention

Ingy Deif, Thursday 1 Sep 2016

Thousands will vacate the couch and run for women cancer prevention this Friday in Cairo

courtesy of BCFE

As profile pictures turn black and white all over social media in solidarity with the cause of ending women's cancers worldwide, Cairenes prepare to take part in a marathon dedicated to the same cause.

In Egypt, breast cancer accounts for up to 38 percent of all cancer cases, according to the National Cancer Institute. It has the lion's share of the media spotlight, but it is only one of the kinds of cancer that mostly affect women.

Organising events and campaigns that focus on the multi-faceted experience that Egyptian cancer patients or their relatives cope with has become a tradition in recent years and prompted instant success in reaching more and more women, spreading awareness and shedding light on stories of bravery that bring hope to those who go through the tribulations of treatment.

September is the month of Gynecological Cancer Awareness around the world and the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (BCFE) decided this year to shed light on the types of cancer that mainly affect women.

In that regard, BCFE is preparing a walk to join the global campaign to end gynecological cancers (the “Globathon Campaign”) in collaboration with the local running community, Zamalek Runners.

Globathon is a global initiative that started in Washington DC in 2011 on a small scale aimed at promoting the race to end all women cancers.

The campaign is inaugurated globally and invites various countries around the world to take part by conducting a walk in an effort to raise awareness and support for ending gynecological cancers in women.

Inspiring people to become part of a movement and global community, Globathan aims to give a voice to those who are fighting gynecological cancers around the world and address the challenges they face.

Egypt, along with many other countries around the world, bacome part of this campaign, through BCFE.

Dr Mohamed Shaalan, chairman of BCFE, stressed that the events to be held this year aim at combining sports and awareness, focusing on women's cancers in general.

Shaalan added that everyone has the capability to join the fight and show solidarity, either by spreading knowledge about cancers, encouraging others to get early screening, or helping underprivileged women get screening and treatment through donations.

The BCFE event is to take place Friday, 2 September. It will start in front of the Imperial Boat in Cairo's Zamalek district at 6:30am until 9am.

The 8-kilometre run will be followed by various sports and awareness activities and shows presented by Alia Parachuting & Skydiving Academy, Mudra Yoga, and with sports activities by EL FIT.

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