Aswan Heart Center collaborates with online service to provide support for nurses

Ingy Deif, Tuesday 11 Apr 2017

Dr Magdi Yacoub with staff of MYF

A contract has been signed between Magdi Yacoub Foundation (MYF) affiliate Aswan Heart Center (AHC) and online platform Elsevier for the online provision of nursing solutions and clinical skills by the latter in Upper Egypt's Aswan.

The online service represents a state-of-the-art technical tool that aims to enable Egyptian nurses to make more efficient and faster nursing decisions in their daily interaction with patients.

The service provides digital information including nursing monographs, journals, books, practice guidelines and recommendations.

This powerful tool is guaranteed to provide digital resources of more than 1,300 skills, and ensure the competency and standardisation of nursing practices.

AHC, located in Aswan, was inaugurated and managed by the Magdi Yacoub Foundation with the aim of providing the less privileged in Egypt with treatments for heart disease.

Elsevier is a leading provider of technical solutions in the field of science and healthcare with the aim of maximising the performance of professionals in those fields.

Aswan made headlines on 24 February when MYF and the sports community of TriFactory collaborated to organise "Aswan 42"; a running event along the banks of the Nile that involved 1,000 participants from all over the world.

All proceeds from the run were donated to the AHC, and the event itself was an opportunity to showcase the beauty of Egypt to the world, with the founder of MYF, Egyptian surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub, attending the marathon.

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