Forsa Tania: Students’ initiative gives life a second chance with first-aid

Ingy Deif, Sunday 16 Apr 2023

University students are raising awareness about the importance of learning first-aid skills in saving lives through their recently launched Forsa Tania (“second chance”) initiative.

Forsa Tania


One member of the group, Abdulrahman Hassan, told Ahram Online about the positive reaction they got at a recent event.

“We saw the enthusiasm of youth firsthand and how children and teens were keen to learn more about different first-aid techniques like CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, and even try them hands-on,” a proud Abdulrahman said.

The campaign, which started on 25 February, aims to eliminate any misconceptions people may have regarding first-aid.

Forsa Tania has distributed brochures and shot videos with experts from the Egyptian Ambulance Authority. They even held an in-person session on various first-aid techniques at the El-Nile Sporting Club.

The group mainly focuses on distributing easy-to-digest information online, Abdulrahman added.

The group first took to Facebook and Instagram to share information on what to do and what not to do when faced with a variety of situations that require first-aid, all under the slogan: “One second matters a lifetime.”

“People without the proper knowledge who decide to help can make the situation worse," Abdulrahman said.

The group of 16 members is working on presenting this campaign as their graduation project at the Faculty of Mass Communication at  Cairo Unviersity.

When asked about what distinguishes their initiative with similar efforts by other specialised entities, Abdulrahman said that their aim is to show people the importance of this issue and give them enough basic skills so that they consider learning more from the specialised entities.

The group has recently received sponsorships from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Health and the Egyptian Ambulance Authority. 

“Such sponsorships help us in organising events, accessing information from experts and giving us the required credibility for people to trust our content,” he added.

“Our future plan is to continue working to educate the public more about first-aid, collaborate more with the official authorities to bring more events where people can learn and practice first aid and offer a variety of different content on our platforms," he concluded.

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