Egypt's MotherBeing clinic to send sanitary pads to Gaza women

Ingy Deif, Thursday 2 Nov 2023

Egypt's MotherBeing, a reproductive and women's health clinic, concluded an initiative to donate 200,000 sanitary pads to women in Gaza.

MotherBeing Egypt Instagram


The clinic wrote on Instagram that some Gazan women have reportedly resorted to taking medications to delay their menstrual cycles, as a means of avoiding toxic shock syndrome.

The platform had launched a two-week campaign to collect sanitary pads and announced free healthcare services to Palestinian women.

“MotherBeing is offering free online consultations to all Palestinian women in need of medical advice regarding their reproductive health,” the clinic added on Instagram.

According to the UNFPA Palestine Situation Report on 13 October, there are over 123,000 pregnant women in Gaza and the West Bank, 50,000 of whom cannot access basic medical needs.

Despite some reservations regarding open discussions on sexual health in Middle Eastern societies, Nour Emam, founder of MotherBeing, aimed to challenge this norm.

Her platform, founded in 2019, focuses on providing women with a safe space to access reliable information and engage in open dialogue about their health.

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