Hearing loss awareness highlighted with 'When Dalila Danced'

Ingy Deif, Thursday 1 Feb 2024

Egyptian actress Yosra El-Lozy brings more awareness to hearing loss through her newly released book, "When Dalila Danced."

Yosra El Lozy

The children's storybook narrates the tale of a young girl who experiences hearing loss.  

Through her journey, we explore different ways of communication and the ability to achieve dreams despite this inherent obstacle.

In 2017, Yosra Lozy became the first celebrity in Egypt to bravely publicly discuss having a child affected by hearing loss.

El-Lozy expressed her happiness about the book's release on her official Instagram page, advocating for more Arabic-language books that address special abilities or different needs.

Personally, El-Lozy had difficulty finding stories that made her daughter, Dalila, feel represented in books or artistic works. 

El-Lozy believes it is vital for diverse children to feel they have a voice in literary and dramatic works. 

Such representation can foster a sense of appreciation from society, says El-Lozy.

The book delves into various aspects of Dalila's life, including her experiences in school and society, her ballet lessons, and the fears and challenges she encounters.

In a previous interview with Ahram Online, the Egyptian actress advocated for early intervention in treating hearing loss.

El-Lozy shared her experiences of discovering her young daughter's condition, emphasizing the importance of early medical intervention.

She stressed that any family could face this situation and highlighted the necessity of patience and psychological preparedness to support a child in every possible way. 

El-Lozy also mentioned that while corrective procedures like hearing aids and cochlear implant surgery exist, early detection at the ages of 3-6 months is crucial, with cochlear implants being most effective when performed before the age of five years.

Following her campaign, the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population reported that, as of 2022, a hearing survey had been conducted for nearly 3 million children.

This survey was part of a presidential initiative launched in 2019, focusing on early detection and treatment of hearing loss and impairment in newborns nationwide.


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