Children earn their way to play sport at upcoming sale

Yomna Gamal , Monday 1 Oct 2012

Kids love sport and even if in Egypt it's not given much importance, kids participate in a 'Fund My Dream' artisan sale on Saturday 6 October to earn their way into sport clubs

Children sold accessories all day on the campus of the American University in Cairo 13 September so they could earn the money to play sport. Their next event is scheduled for Saturday, 6 October in Al-Andalus Garden of Zamalek.

To redefine education, Mohamed Ramadan founded the organisation Educate Me in June of 2010 and the last "Fund My Dream" event aimed to encourage children not only to play sport, but to find the resources to do so.

Children choose which sport they want to play, then they are given some time to make products such as pottery, bracelets, necklaces. Then the organisation coordinates the event for the children to sell their products. The money they earn is then used to pay their fees for a sporting club.

“I always wanted to be a part of the swimming team. By selling those bracelets I can finally do it!” said 11-year-old Habiba.

Usually organisations help children by giving them clothes, books or paying for their tuition; however they rarely focus on health.

Seeing children make the effort to enjoy the physical activity of running around playing sport shouldn't be a surprise, but considering Egypt doesn't give sport it's due importance towards health, this is a good step forward.

The children interviewed by Ahram Online came away with a sense of maturity and confidence after selling their own work. The kids weren’t shy, but rather very friendly and were able to explain exactly what is it they wanted.

Better publicity and a more prominent spot (this particular Fund My Dream was held out-of-site, behind the AUC library) is needed to fuel these kids' growing eagerness to earn their way into fun and healthy sport.

6 October, starting 10:00am
Al-Andalus Garden, Zamalek

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