Egypt's health ministry survey: 62 pct of population overweight, 17 pct diabetic

Hussam Zayed, Thursday 20 Dec 2012

A survey by Egypt's Ministry of Health reveal 2012 health results, indicating 62 per cent of Egyptians suffer from obesity and 39.7 per cent from high blood pressure

The national survey that aimed at monitoring the risk factors of non-contagious diseases in 2012 revealed that 51 per cent of Egyptians between the age of 15 and 65 have 3 to 5 risk factors of being victims to non-contagious diseases, such as diabetes and high blood and cholesterol levels.  While the other half of the sample population, 48 per cent, have 1 or 2 risk factors, and 0.6 per cent have none.

Dr. Mustafa Hamed, Minister of Health, pointed out that the factors include mainly smoking, not having enough vegetables and fruit daily, lack of exercise, obesity, and high blood pressure.

The survey was done by Egypt's Minister of Health, in collaboration with World Health Organisation (WHO) on 5,300 Egyptian families.

Among the results was that 24.4 per cent are smokers, of which 96 per cent smoke on a daily basis.

The survey indicated that 93.7 per cent of Egyptians never consumed alcohol in their lives, while three-fourths of those who have in the past 12 months only drank alcohol once every month.

The results showed as well that Egyptians consume fruits 3.5 days a week and vegetables 4 days.

Furthermore, the survey reported that 72 per cent of Egyptians do not exercise. The average physical effort related to work exerted in a day did not exceed 118 minutes, while the average time spent inactively was 208 minutes.

It was also revealed that 62 per cent of the population sample is overweight, as the percentage of obesity among women doubled its counterpart among men.

When it comes to non-contagious diseases, 39.7 per cent have high blood pressure. The highest readings were amongst those between the ages of 55 and 65, with a percentage reaching 80.5 per cent.

The survey indicated that from those suffering from blood pressure, only 63 per cent were taking medication. Meanwhile, 17 per cent of the participants had diabetes, among which 20.7 per cent were males and 13.3 per cent females. Of those suffering from diabetes, only 6.4 per cent are under medication, among which 83 per cent is administered by mouth and 25 per cent are treated with insulin.

The survey also concluded that 12 per cent of Egyptians who participated in the survey have high percentages of fat in their blood, cholesterol. This percentage was higher among men than women.

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