Yoga retreat de-stresses Cairenes in 5-star hotel

Ahram Online, Monday 25 Feb 2013

The first in a set of yoga retreats offered at the Four Seasons Residence Hotel starts in March

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The Four Seasons First Residence Hotel is offering a unique four-day yoga retreat, five-star style. Most yoga events are ascetic and in bare studios or out in nature, but the one at the Four Seasons, Giza, would be a small, luxurious getaway right in busy Cairo. Guests can choose from the following weekends: 21 - 24 March or 23 - 26 May 2013.

When asked about why they decided to put on such an alternative spa package, Spa Manager Birgit Marie Solheim replied simply: “I see the need.”

“People [in Cairo] are very stressed because of the traffic, work and political situation: just going out to the street you get stressed in 10 minutes,” she explains to Ahram Online. She says that many people come out of a yoga class completely relaxed.

Solheim, who is also a Reiki Master and doesn’t look like she has anxiety in an inch of her body, says that there is a lot of yoga, Reiki and other types of techniques in remote places on the Red Sea. However, in Cairo there isn’t as much. She has started to use her expertise and incorporated things like chakra reading and unblocking at the Four Seasons spa.

One of Solheim's projects has been to rope in none other than a four-time world record holder in free diving (meaning: using only the breath to dive and not an air tank) Sarah Campbell to give Kundalini yoga courses, which focuses on breathing, chanting and releasing the energy at the base of the spine.

Yoga has become so popular because it manages relax the stressed-out and clear their mind of clutter - and Kundalini yoga is known to make this happen more rapidly, since it is more intense.

Some of the attractive parts of the $465 course is the pre-meditation early on in the day at the pool, breakfast and lunch are included, free 30-minute spa treatments and discounts on any other treatments. Out of town or international guests can also get a package that includes overnight stays.

Four Seasons First Residence pool

The elegant hotel has a charming Nile view, shopping downstairs at the First Mall, the gym, and they boast the only real High Tea time in Cairo in an impeccable parlour that takes you into a time passed.

Four Seasons First Residence tea parlour

Registration and other details can be found on the Four Seasons First Residence Hotel website.

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