Got a bike? Take part in Orange Bike Day in Zamalek!

Ingy Deif, Thursday 21 Nov 2013

Netherlands Embassy launches second Orange Bike Day in Cairo to promote the idea of biking as a healthier transportation alternative

Orange Bike Day
Orange Bike Day 2012

In recent years the initiatives that aim to raise awareness regarding maintaining a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle have been on the rise, gaining momentum by the enthusiasm displayed by the participants and the increase in the number of those willing to take part in the events.

The next upcoming and highly anticipated event is launched and organised by Embassy of the Netherlands in Egypt. Friday 22 November will witness a cycling tour, aiming to promote and draw attention to the aspect of leading a healthier lifestyle in our high-paced daily life, and to shed light on the use of bikes as a cheaper and less polluting transportation alternative.

The event comes as a second sequel to a successful initiative launched by the embassy around the same time last year.

Gerard Steeghs, the Netherlands ambassador in Egypt, said that this upcoming event comes as a fulfillment of the embassy's promise to organise another cycling event after its huge success last year, with more than 400 participating enthusiastically, stressing that the aim is to make Orange Bike Day an annual event.

Haitham El-Samman, board member and co-founder of Global Biking Initiative (GBI) in Egypt, told Ahram Online that GBI is the main collaborator with the embassy in the upcoming event. "GBI was a main partner in last year's Orange Bike Day, as we represent the major entity in the cycling field in Egypt. It was a big success, and we anticipate even more participation this year."

El-Samman added that next Friday marks one of the chain of events that GBI is proud to take part in, promoting increasingly the healthy aspect of cycling and going outdoors to Egyptians.

It is known that Netherlands has long since implemented regulations facilitating the use of bicycles as a mean of transportation - an idea that the embassy here in Egypt hopes to promote and shed light on.

The ride will be mainly over Zamalek. The starting point is the Netherlands Embassy (18 Hassan Sabry St., Zamalek, Cairo). Please come at 8.30 am.If anyone who has a bike is interested in participating, he can simply email [email protected] or go to the Facebook page


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