El FIT Fitness Festival Volume 3: Meeting points for sports and challenge fans in Cairo

Ingy Deif, Sunday 1 Dec 2013

Fitness media is buzzing with enthusiasm in preparation for Volume 3 of the El-Fit Fitness Festival on 6 and 7 December

El Fit Festival 3

The third and final round of the El-Fit Fitness Festival will take place this weekend at the British International School in Cairo, with athletes and health enthusiasts competing for the annual title of El-Fit.

The event is the culmination of a year's worth of training and competition. Volume 1 of the festival was held last February at Smart Village. Volume 2 took place in June at Uptown Cairo in Moqattam.

Winners of Volume 3, at the British International School, will proudly hold their titles throughout the festival's next season, which kicks off early next year and runs until the following winter.

Since its inception, the fitness series has grown in popularity. Along the way it has helped create a fitness community in which enthusiasts of all types can come together to test their limits and have fun.

More than just a competition, the festival's organizers hope that the events will promote fitness and health, while ultimately encouraging Egyptians to lead a healthier and more active life.

Friday and Saturday's event, which is sponsored by SODIC, will attract many well-known fitness brands and wellness centers, all of which will display their services and products.

Friday's events will kick off at 8 am and run until 6 pm. Saturday will start at 8 am and conclude at 8 pm.

New competitions on the scene

In addition to awarding the final titles of El-Fit in the men, women, and teams categories, the festival will feature new events to pump up your levels of enthusiasm. Gear up for the following:

Bike Race: all cycling fans are invited to participate.

Running Race: 6 km race, open to individuals and teams.

Fittest Mom: a brand-new entry in the festival, exclusively for mums.

Fittest Dad: like the one for mums, this one is just for dads.

Fittest Kid: instead of sidelining kids in a play area, this event allows kids to participate in the following age categories, 6-8, 9-11, and 12-15.

Fastest Challenge: who can run the 200 meter sprint in the shortest time?

Strongest Arm:  arm-wrestling competition.

Obstacles Challenge: a challenging obstacle course for competitors to race through.

Rope-pulling Challenge: teams of four will compete in rounds, until a winner is declared.

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