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Ten of Cairo’s best ice cream and frozen yogurt parlors

Now that the harshest days of the heatwave are over, you can enjoy a stroll and a refreshing scoop or two

Dina Ezzat , Monday 31 Aug 2015
Photo: Dina Ezzat for Ahram online

Here are the best ten places in Cairo to fulfill your ice cream craving:


Photo: Dina Ezzat for Ahram online

Carvel serves up a diverse flavours ranging from the traditional chocolate and strawberry to mint chocolate and butter pecan. The chocolate and vanilla ice cream cake is perhaps the ultimate treat from Carvel.

Cold Stone Creamery

Photo: Dina Ezzat for Ahram online

The signature treat of Cold Stone Creamery is the Chocolate Devotion: a waffle and ice cream combo made with love – and lots of brownies – for the helpless chocoholic. For those not so fond of chocolate ice cream, Cold Stone’s fresh waffles and crepes with fruit and sauce are really worth a try.


Photo: Dina Ezzat for Ahram online

You may be familiar with this brand through their super market tubs, but trying Haagen-Dazs at one of their ice cream bars is a different experience altogether. The ice cream is offered with fruits and toppings or with the scoops joyfully resting on top of waffles and pancakes; Haagen-Dazs is certainly the place where the coffee ice cream is as delightful as the chocolate, praline, and caramel. Whatever the flavour, a treat from Haagen-Dazs is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Mandarine Koueider

Photo: Dina Ezzat for Ahram online

The perfect fruity choice for ice cream in town is Mandarine Koueider. It has perhaps the largest diversity of flavours– in both the traditional gelato form and also in a sorbet-like recipe to cater to those who need to skip the cream, both for health and for fasting purposes.

Mandarine Koueider has recently been associated with its berry-flavoured frozen yogurt. It also developed a reputation for being one of the key destination for chocolate fudge ice cream – which is not very far from Ben & Jerry’s Boom Chocolatta!!


Photo: Dina Ezzat for Ahram online

The joy of the Swiss ice cream may rival the delight of Swiss chocolate – if it is Movenpick ice cream, that is. Combine the two and you have Movenpick’s decadent Swiss chocolate ice cream—a flavour not to be missed.


Photo: Dina Ezzat for Ahram online

The original flavour with passion fruit – each in the 5oz small scoop, with or without topping is one way of enjoying Pinkberry’s soothing frozen yogurt. If one is in need for an urgent dopamine boost then they should go for the large 13oz mango with fruit topping.

If one is simply hungry then a medium 8oz coconut with granola and fruit topping is a good choice. For a refreshing dessert there is always the delicious lime & mint.

Smoothie Factory

Photo: Dina Ezzat for Ahram online

This is where true fruit taste is perfectly mixed with frozen yogurt, a treat low in calories that is a substitute for the guilt of rich ice cream. The toppings offered at Smoothie Factory complement and diversify the frozen yogurt flavours.


Photo: Dina Ezzat for Ahram online

Sultana serves up the traditional Egyptian-style gelato with all the popular flavours – fruity, sweet, and really sweet.

Two scoops of Sultana ice cream on the cone feels more like a meal than a dessert.

Sweet Center/Soufflé

Photo: Dina Ezzat for Ahram online

This is where one finds light ice cream in all its forms: cassata, ice cream rolls, ice cream sandwiches, on a cone, and on a waffle. The choices get more diverse with the toppings and the sauces – and the calorie increase is often ignored.


Photo: Dina Ezzat for Ahram online

‘Be an artist and make your own frozen yogurt cup’ is the invitation that Yoggy’s offers its forthcoming clients. You can “choose your flavor, choose your toppings, and enjoy” when you enter Yoggy’s parlor. The ‘yoggy it yourself’ trick is certainly enticing and so is the fresh smell and texture of everything there.

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